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Most Wanted Outlaws DS106 Style

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Submitted by: Carlee Budd

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For this assignment, students will create a Wanted poster for some of the most wanted outlaws/groups of the Wild Wild West. While it may seem like a basic assignment, I think it will be fun and perfectly fitting for this course! Here is a link to some of the most wanted outlaws:

By simply googling "old wild west wanted posters", you will be given a plethora of examples that you may go off of! 

 You can use whatever software you want. Be creative, and have fun with it! 

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Submissions So Far

Design Assignmnet – Most Wanted Poster (3)

I chose to create a wanted poster for my character using I didn’t know what to do for her photo, considering Rose Oakley (at least to my knowledge!) isn’t a real individual, and therefore doesn’t have a photo I can use. I ended up finding a photo of …

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws DS106 Style

This is my first collaborative character assignment, and I decided to create a wanted poster for Andy Slupek’s character Andy, who is a bank robber, and my character Luke, who’s a vagabond. The two worked for a brief amount of time after an encounter during a robbery, where an …

Most Wanted Outlaw

This wanted poster is for the infamous bank robber Andy!…


For this assignment, I created a wanted poster for Sam Bass. Sam Bass started out pretty small and robbed a few thousand from his employers with a buddy. Then he decided to move on to robbing stagecoaches. After awhile he decided to try train robbery and eventually ended up …

“Deacon Jim” is the WEST’s MOST WANTED

For this weeks mandatory design assignment, I decided to create a wanted poster. I went about doing so by first exploring all the options I had. I then used the provided link on the assignment description to find an outlaw that I found interesting. I had a hard time choosing …

Wanted: Jesse James

Jesse James has always had a special place in my heart as far as outlaws go. Granted, he was a crazy guy and certainly not a saint, but I have done quite a bit of research on him in the past and so I feel a sort of acquaintance with …

The Sundance Kid

I completed the most wanted poster assignment.

For this assignment I chose Henry Longabaugh, the Sundance Kid. I read up on his various robberies and figured someone should catch him. (According to one source, Henry Longabaugh was never caught by the United States authorities. He died in Bolivia. However, …

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws DS106 Style

This assignment called for us to create a wanted poster in the style of the wild west for one of the most famous criminals of our choice. After looking through the list, I went with Butch Cassidy, who was a notorious train and bank robber, as well as the leader …

Wanted: The Bandit Queen

I created a Most Wanted poster using a website called Glass Giant for this assignment.


I chose Belle Starr aka “The Bandit Queen” for my Wanted poster because, yah know, girl power!! But also because I found her story very interesting. She became a bandit and a robber …

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws ds106 Style (2)

I chose to do this assignment again because I really enjoy learning about the oulaws of the past. Once again I used the website to generate a poster after settling on an outlaw.

Jim Burrow (18??-1888) – Jim Burrow, originally from Alabama, grew up to rob trains with …


Out of a list of three given assignments we were required to do one of them. I chose to do the Western Wanted poster. My poster was made using and I found my western outlaw from the link provided within the assignment. This assignment was a lot of …


For this assignment, we were required to make a wanted poster for one of the most wanted outlaws. I chose to do Sam Bass, who was wanted for his robbery of property worth $60,000 for the Union Pacific gold train. Even tho Sam Bass was technically killed on his way …

Most Wanted

I selected to do most wanted outlaws assignment from the design assignment bank. This assignment was one of the three that we had to select from on the DS assignment page. I had to create a wanted poster for a most wanted outlaw. We were given a list of most …


For one of this week’s tasks we were given the choice to complete one of three provided visual assignments. As such, I chose to complete this assignment because I have seen many WANTED posters within movies and they seem to be very prevalent in western themed movies and shows. The …

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws

For my second assignment, I decided to create a wanted poster for Jesse James. I used the website mobile fish and read up on the famous outlaw.

Jesse James was a Confederate soldier who, following the wars end, created the James-Younger Gang. They robbed banks, stagecoaches and trains. He murdered …

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Most Wanted



*For this assignment I looked up “killers of the old west” and came across a guy who seemed really interesting. I don’t really have much to work with because I don’t have fancy websites to create the real look of a wanted poster. …