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Muppet GIFs

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

So far, 13 people have completed this assignment.

Search the Jim Henson universe and create a fabulous muppet GIF.

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Submissions So Far

Muppet GIFs

This animated GIF assignment asked me to create an animated GIF from The Muppets.

I decided to focus on a point in the Muppets show where Kermit gets heckled by Statler and Waldorf. Kermit then looks straight down the lens at hos audience and gulps. I feel like this is …

My first gif!

I didn’t quite understand what a gif was until earlier this week, but even then, I felt intimidated by the gif assignments. I clicked on the link to a good example of the assignment I wanted to do, but I ended up finding another assignment (no idea how that happened) …

Gonzo the Great.










Ah yes, Gonzo. So important, yet so under appreciated. I think the Muppet’s and Sesame Street, among many other shows are a staple to most millennials childhood. This is probably why, doing this assignment (worth 3 and a half stars) sparked …

World’s Best Drummer

It’s Animal from the muppets. He’s the very best. I mean look at him.

That’s hella hardcore, you have to admit it. Full video can be found here

I made this for the Muppet GIFs assignment (3 and a half stars). There was no way I couldn’t do this one. …

Muppet GIFs


Manah Manah!

The color is back in my life. I am not sure why are how. Perhaps it will always be a mystery…


I could not remember how to make a gif when I started my work on the Muppet GIFs assignment and was struggling when I decided to take a …

Mutant muppet party puppets

I had an idea to combine Muppet GIFs and Rock ‘n Roll GIFs by working with the awesome Sequestered in Muppets video, but I couldn’t do justice to the original. So instead I used the mutant muppet party puppets from The Coup’s … Continue reading

Multi Frame GIF Story: Beaker’s Hair

The ds106 Digital Storytelling GIFfest (known as GIFestivus2012 around here) continues, this time with a two-fer. As well as providing another submission for the Animated GIF Assignment 856: Muppet GIF assignment, it’s also going to reflect a new Animated GIF … Continue reading

Please Curb Your Enthusiasm Kermit #GIFfest

In yet another installment of the ds106 GIFfest, I decided to tackle Michael Branson Smith’s animated GIF assignment and produce a Muppet GIF. It was actually pretty easy, as YouTube is overrun with great video clips from both the classic era of the Muppet Show, and the more modern Muppet…

Stargazing with Kermit

Happened to read Tim Owens’ blog this morning and discover the ds106 assignment of creating an animated Muppet gif. Rainbow Connection is my favorite Muppet song so here’s my gif of Kermit singing in the swamp: What’s so amazing that keeps us star gazing and what do we think we…

Don’t Let a Scientist Talk You Into a Nuclear Powered Shaver

The ds196 GIFfest is going wild! And a bunch are taking on the Muppets challange including @noispreofessor @timmmmyboy and Michael Branson Smith who launched this one.
I like the Rodney Dangerfield Muppets, the ones who get no respect, and who gets less respect than Beaker?

Bring on the GIFness!…

Together Again

How can I resist the siren call of the animated GIF when Michael Branson Smith tempts me with a Muppet GIF assignment? I cannot. I chose the opening frames from my favorite Muppet movie of all time, The Muppets Take Manhattan. Special tribute to GNA‘s triumphant return to Fredericksburg less…

Pöpcørn, anyone?

The Swedish Chef has always been one of my favourite Muppet characters, and so when MBS (@mbransons) posted Animated GIF Assignment 856: Muppet GIFs, I was quick to start with The Chef.
This source video is posted on YouTube by MuppetsStudio. In it, the Chef seems to be making both…

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