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Music Switching, live vs studio

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Submitted by: Erin McNeil

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Have you ever noticed how different live music sounds compared to the album version? Find a live version by the original artist and then try and mix them together while highligting the sections that sound the most different in the live version, swap at least two times.

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Music Switching, Live Vs Studio

The song is All Night Thing and it is studio recorded by Temple of the dog and mashed with the live version just sang by the lead singer Chris Cornell (RIP).  I used the Audacity program to put the two songs together at the right times.  Personally, I …

live vs. studio (kali uchis edition)

For this assignment we were asked to combine a live version and a studio recorded version of one song. I took this opportunity to use the footage I got when I went to a Kali Uchis concert a few weeks ago. I also previously edited the live version in …

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Apparently the link for my example didn’t work so here it is!

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Tutorial on “Music Switching, Live Vs Studio”

I hope this video comes in handy for future #ds106 adventurers! This is a fairly simple way to participate in this assignment and especially fun if you’re a concert goer and have some live footage handy!