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Musicless Music Video

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Turns out a music video without the music is just a bunch of weirdly dressed people hanging out! Share your favorite weirdos with the rest of us.

Pick a music video. Strip the audio track. Put in sound effects.

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Week 11: Video Assignments

Getting to know the joker
I found clips from “The Dark Night” on youtube and downloaded them. Once I did that I put them in order so the story makes some sense. I got the Jokers stories that he tells people in order.

Musicless Music Video
It took me a…

Steven Tyler gets booed of the stage

Music videos, movie scenes, or anything that needs an audio supplement is hilarious without it. This assignment tasks you with taking the music out of the music video. Of course there shouldn’t just be an empty audio file so I just threw in a bunch of free random sounds (excluding …

Musicless Gangnam style is still entertaining

Turns out the most popular video in youtube history is still entertaining to watch just for the weird visuals and funky dance moves.…

Strip the music – 4 stars

So this assignment was a lot of fun.  I had to strip the music out of one video and put new sounds on top. I decided to put a different song over top of it and create a new video. I took the band 1975’s song Chocolate and removed the …

Arcade Fire & Talking Heads Assignment 1

For my first video assignment, i decided to start off confident and do the “Musicless Music Video”. This was a little difficult for me. No music in a music video? Come on! That’s torture. So, let me show you exactly how i created my masterpiece.

Video: My first step was …

Smooth and Scary Criminal

Here is Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson that has the audio stripped and replaced with scary sound effects. The video itself is kind of weird and spooky looking so I decided that a scary sound effects backgournd would match up pretty well.

Panic! At the Disco’s “Girls/ Girls/ Boys” Minus the Music

I decided to do the Musicless Music Video assignment.

I’ve seen some weird music videos in my day, so I knew I needed to track down the best of the best, the one that would truly come across as strange or awkward when the music was stripped away. And I …

Musicless music video

For my second assignment I did the musicless music video assignment. I don’t watch music videos often, so I told my friend he could choose for me. This is the result of a very dramatic music video by Lindsay Lohan and my cruel humor combined. I tried to make it …

Musicless Music Video

This was another fun one for me–music videos can be some of the strangest films, even when the actual music is playing. Just like the actual song, a music video is often a piece of art and an artist’s expression in and of itself. That’s why I like this assignment …

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bcodelson 2014-05-04 22:22:31

This week I chose to do the video assignment called the Music-less Music video.  The goal: to remove the music in a music video and replace it with other sounds.  I’m totally obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect so I decided to take the finale scene from the film …