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My Favorite Thing To Do

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Submitted by: Mason Latimer

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In this assignment, make a video of yourself doing your favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Post it to your blog and then describe what you are doing in the video and what makes this hobby your favorite thing to do in your spare time.

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Submissions So Far

Charlie Sass’ favorite thing to do

In order to incorporate my superhero in some fashion, I completed the My favorite thing to do assignment (4,5 stars). Even if Charlie and Nathan spend countless hours on the road, driving is still one of her favorite things to do. I carefully took a video while driving and uploaded …

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Ten):

My Favorite Thing To Do

For this assignment, I was instructed to make a video of myself doing my favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then post it to my blog and describe what I am doing in the video and what makes it my favorite thing to …

My favorite thing to do in my spare time

For my second assignment I had to record myself preforming my favorite hobby in my spare time.  It was 4 stars, and I decided to do it with me playing video games.  I do a lot of other things in my spare time, but video games is defiantly a big …

My Favorite Thing to do: Spin

For this assignment, I had to show off my favorite thing to do. As a fidget spinner, my favorite pastime is in fact spinning. In this video, I just demonstrate myself spinning in one place, but I often love to travel to different locations and spin there. This is a …

What’s Free Time?


For this assignment, I had to video myself (or Agent A in this case) doing something they like to do in my downtime. In this case, Agent A is enjoying her favorite treat, a bully stick. I made a short clip with an introduction and of myself handing her …

One of my favorite things to do!

For this video assignment I wanted to try and capture myself doing something that I absolutely love to do which is reading. Its funny because when I was younger I hated it and I never used to do it and now I do it all the time and I have …

Just a Few of My Favorite Things

I made a poor quality video about just a few of my favorite things: Cars, videogames and Youtube videos.

This was definitely a joke video which was fun. I was actually attempting to drift a suped-up SUV which clearly didn’t have any control. Fun nonetheless!…

My Favorite Thing To Do

In this assignment I talk about one of my favorite hobbies which is reading. I enjoyed making this video or vlog because I have never made a video like this before. I love how ds106 introduces me to so many new things and enhances my creative skills. I am going …

Agent Smith – Hobby (4 stars -> 8/10 total for week)

<Video pending on youtube; will be uploaded shortly>

This assignment involved taking a video of doing a hobby in action. At first I didn’t know how to actually film this but remembered my phone has a camera! Yeah I don’t use my …

“Love is Something You Can’t Go a Day Without”

In this assignment, I made a video of myself doing my favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The video below shows me playing high school basketball for what you are doing in the video and what makes this hobby your favorite thing to do in your spare time.…

My Favorite Thing to Do: Video Games!

The 3 1/2 star “My Favorite Thing to Do”.

This one was pretty simple in theory, and a lot more complicated in execution. What’s pretty much my only hobby that’s a) interesting to actually watch and b) doesn’t require me to ask a coach to film me? Video games!

Ok, …

Week 10 pt. 1: Favorite Thing

These are a few (one) of my favorite things!

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 3.5

Process: My roommate videoed me doing this all-too-important activity using my iPhone SE.

Favorite Internet Thing To Do

One of my favorite things to do that involves the internet is to browse through Tumblr. It can be very entertaining and interesting. This assignment had me record a video demonstrating this. I was going to film it all on my phone, but I realized that I can’t flip from …

Video assignment No.1 (4 stars)

For this assignment I decided to record myself doing one of my favorite activities, hiking. We decided to hike Old Rag, a trail out West. For my video I wanted to show a little bit of everything, so I recorded video pretty often just to get a good amount of …

Why do I Love the Bass?

Picking a favorite instrument is like picking a favorite kid or a favorite pet. Everyone says you shouldn’t do it, but everyone secretly does it anyway.

This is my response to the My Favorite Things to Do assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to record a video of myself engaged …

ds106 Video Assignment: My favorite thing to do

ds106 Video Assignment: My favorite thing to do

My Favorite Thing? Rocking Out!

For my Digital Storytelling class, I was asked to record a video of myself doing one of my favorite things. I like to play guitar, so, without further adieu, I present…..


Puppy in Traffic: Emergent Gameplay

I want to preface this post with a disclaimer: Now I in no way condone playing with animals in traffic. This is just an example ……

League moments

Vimeo link   

I originally prepared 12 minutes worth of content, uploading that much content, however, was a problem.  So I had to remove all but three of my games and clip out most of the spaces between action.  I chose the funnier moments to keep because it is moments like …

My Favorite Thing to Do

So in this video I am pitching, this is one of my favorite things to do! I love baseball and I would possibly consider it more than a hobby.  Baseball is usually what I do in my free time, when I’m not playing, I’m usually watching it.


In …

I could do this all night

For this assignment, we had to create a short video of our favorite thing to do. Well mine is obvious, I love to play field hockey. I have played basically my entire life just about 365 days a year and have dedicated a lot of time, money, and heart …

All I do is sleep, sleep, sleep no matter what

I videoed myself doing my favorite thing at the moment for the three and a half star assignment My Favorite Thing To Do.

I chose this assignment so I could share my current favorite hobby. I can only do it so often nowadays. Honestly, I miss the days where …

Video Assignment – My Favorite Thing To Do

I’ve got a lot of favorite things I enjoy, but this one seemed fitting after coming home from a long week.

My dog Boomie loves everyone. She is the most un-loyal dog there is! All I had to do was walk through my door and act excited. I filmed this …

My ‘exciting’ hobby, painting miniatures.

It’s really hard to create a video when your best recording devices is a tie up between your phone and your laptop’s webcam. At first I considered trying to do a slideshow of stages of painting a model for this project, but after taking the first couple pictures while painting, …

OFF to Play: My Favorite Thing to Do

This is a short video of me just playing one of my favorite games, OFF, in accordance with this assignment which asks us to show what our favorite thing to do is. Incidentally, I’m not really that big on gaming, but I spend a whole lot of time watching …

The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go…

For this week we had to select from several video assignment bank options. I decided to go with My Favorite thing. This assignment bank post tells you to take a short video of yourself doing your favorite hobby then explain the hobby in a blog post.

One of my …

My Favorite Thing to do

This week we were to complete one of the provided video assignments so, I chose to complete the video assignment titled “My Favorite Thing To Do”. For this assignment I was to video myself doing my favorite hobby and describe what I am doing in the video and why …

My Favorite Thing To Do

  My favorite thing  to do is play basketball. It has gotten me a lot of places and is even the reason I am at the University of Mary Washington. I have created a video to showcase my love for this wonderful sport.

In my video, I included serveral different things …

My Favorite Thing To Do

For this assignment we had to pick our favorite hobby. So because I have a ton of hobbies, I wanted to do one that really fit me! So I decided to go with napping…. that is my favorite hobby. Im so busy in the weeks and I wake up very …

Watch my lift, now watch me…. lift again….

In my bio/intro post I talk about my favorite thing to do which is lifting. For our assignments this week we were required to pick an assignment that was given to us and I decided to do my favorite hobby. And like I just said before, my hobby is …

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Tutorials So Far


I have gotten to practice using Windows Movie Maker, so I chose to make a tutorial on how to use it. I used my “My favorite thing to do” assignment to work with.

To use the basics of Windows Movie Maker, first upload all the video you want to work …

Working with Movie Maker



The two assignments I completed with movie maker:

How to/tutorialHere’s a link to the video

hobby/videogamesVimeo link   

These are the tools I used to make my video assignments.  First, let’s talk about the adding videos and music.  To add videos use this: 

or drag …