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My Favorite Thing To Do

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Submitted by: Mason Latimer

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In this assignment, make a video of yourself doing your favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Post it to your blog and then describe what you are doing in the video and what makes this hobby your favorite thing to do in your spare time.

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My Favorite Thing to Do

So in this video I am pitching, this is one of my favorite things to do! I love baseball and I would possibly consider it more than a hobby.  Baseball is usually what I do in my free time, when I’m not playing, I’m usually watching it.


In …

I could do this all night

For this assignment, we had to create a short video of our favorite thing to do. Well mine is obvious, I love to play field hockey. I have played basically my entire life just about 365 days a year and have dedicated a lot of time, money, and heart …

All I do is sleep, sleep, sleep no matter what

I videoed myself doing my favorite thing at the moment for the three and a half star assignment My Favorite Thing To Do.

I chose this assignment so I could share my current favorite hobby. I can only do it so often nowadays. Honestly, I miss the days where …

Video Assignment – My Favorite Thing To Do

I’ve got a lot of favorite things I enjoy, but this one seemed fitting after coming home from a long week.

My dog Boomie loves everyone. She is the most un-loyal dog there is! All I had to do was walk through my door and act excited. I filmed this …

My ‘exciting’ hobby, painting miniatures.

It’s really hard to create a video when your best recording devices is a tie up between your phone and your laptop’s webcam. At first I considered trying to do a slideshow of stages of painting a model for this project, but after taking the first couple pictures while painting, …

OFF to Play: My Favorite Thing to Do

This is a short video of me just playing one of my favorite games, OFF, in accordance with this assignment which asks us to show what our favorite thing to do is. Incidentally, I’m not really that big on gaming, but I spend a whole lot of time watching …

The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go…

For this week we had to select from several video assignment bank options. I decided to go with My Favorite thing. This assignment bank post tells you to take a short video of yourself doing your favorite hobby then explain the hobby in a blog post.

One of my …

My Favorite Thing to do

This week we were to complete one of the provided video assignments so, I chose to complete the video assignment titled “My Favorite Thing To Do”. For this assignment I was to video myself doing my favorite hobby and describe what I am doing in the video and why …

My Favorite Thing To Do

  My favorite thing  to do is play basketball. It has gotten me a lot of places and is even the reason I am at the University of Mary Washington. I have created a video to showcase my love for this wonderful sport.

In my video, I included serveral different things …

My Favorite Thing To Do

For this assignment we had to pick our favorite hobby. So because I have a ton of hobbies, I wanted to do one that really fit me! So I decided to go with napping…. that is my favorite hobby. Im so busy in the weeks and I wake up very …

Watch my lift, now watch me…. lift again….

In my bio/intro post I talk about my favorite thing to do which is lifting. For our assignments this week we were required to pick an assignment that was given to us and I decided to do my favorite hobby. And like I just said before, my hobby is …

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