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Mystery Horror Theater 106

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Submitted by: Kirk James

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Find a poorly designed, produced, or acted horror movie. The worse the movie the better. Then:

1. Write a funny and critical commentary about the movie.

2. Design a presentation set which will will allow you to put yourself into the show.

3. Do a mashup where you present the movie and add your commentary as we (the viewer) watch the movie you selected.

This is a great opportunity to do a collaborative project. First create a few different presenters who will be the vehicle for providing the commentary. I would suggest that you and a few others watch the movie a few times, with each person writing down jokes and jabs at the film. Then, look over the jokes and determine which character would tell which jokes.

I would stress quality over quantity. It would be better to do a 15 minute clip from a movie well, than a whole movie poorly. Also consider episodes from a television show such as Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, or the like.

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