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Night Call Poem

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Submitted by: Tella Adeyinka

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Mid Night Call

So I staggered towards the gate
with my sleepy eyes
footing with flip flop on

to answer to a call in midst of
the days dark times
when she called like the ghost
forgotten after wean

reaching the gate as I pull open
she stood like a forgotten apparition
with a male spook in white top with black below

that was the mid night call from
the friendly ghost called the
silent workers of good iniquities.

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Writing Assignment: Night Call Poem (2 pts)- “Love Calling Through the Night”

Love Calling Through the Night


Moonlight pools in from the open window,

saving the man drowning in his own shadows.

Throbbing temples, the internal voices pushing to be freed

through his lips; the words he is afraid to say aloud.


Her beauty.

A fiery canopy of curls against …

Midnight Call: Brother, I Need You

Brother, I need you
the night has fallen
I go to the phone
with sleep in my eyes

Brother, come help me
the world is bigger
than I thought before
I can’t do this alone

Brother, I miss you
just come
give your favorite girl a hug

Told from the …

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