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OER Conference Ticket to Ride Poster

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Submitted by: cogdog

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The OER16 conference being held April 2016 in Edinburgh seems desperate for an idea for a poster for their event (so desperate as to ask for help from DS106!)

Design them something special, making use of the conference theme of Open Culture, the "one way ticket" graphic, maybe the setting in Scotland? Let's show 'em what DS106 can do.

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OER16 is 3231 Miles Away

I’ll have to leave now for April and multiply this song by 6.462 (or 3.231 if you go by lyrics and not just the title) in order to get there on time! I made this with the Snipping Tool, Copying, Pasting, Photoshop, Low Mediocre Skill Levels and Just Enough Time …

I gotta golden ticket!

A “how to” is included on known

Repo Open

Alan Levine threw out a fun #ds106 assignment asking folks to rework the OER16 ticket to ride design poster, which I personally think is a great design.

Alan riffed with his own Beatle Mania take:

Alan Levine’s “Ticket to Ride” for OER16

And then I saw the venerable Tom Woodward

An open education conference I am attending in April asked us to…

Poster 1 – A participant’s view

Poster 2 – Keynotes make conferences

An open education conference I am attending in April asked us to create ‘a promo poster’ for it using our #ds106 digital skills. I am still uncertain as to what the brief is. I wonder if they want …

#OER16 Ticket

First #DS106 assignment in a long while thanks to Alan.…

A Ticket to Ride Poster for OER16

When the #OER16 plea to DS106 goes out…

Have you got your ticket yet? (help us make an #oer16 promo poster) ((calling #ds106))

— OER Conference 2016 (@OERConf) February 10, 2016

Of course a response needs to be made

The #oer16 conference sent a #ds106 Bat Signal for …

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