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Photo through different lenses

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Submitted by: Jordan Pamlanye

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Take photos of one specific object, for example shoes. Take pictures of them in new and creative ways, edit them, or pose them unique locations. Really try and be creative as possible, one time they can be tennis shoes next to your desk, and then they could be ballet shoes in use by a dancer. Take one image of an ordinary, everyday object and really see them through different lenses, take at least 10 pictures. All of the pictures should be very distinct from one another. Then once you have them all captured and edited in different ways post them on the social media platform of your choice, instagram, flickr, facebook, etc. 

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A pen is a pen, unless….

For the “Photo through Different Lenses” assignment I was tasked with taking an everyday item and photographing it in unexpected ways. I chose a pen, because that was closest. I felt I was most creative near the middle of this- after I did the obvious and before I started becoming …

photo through different lenses

These photos showcase the man spaces in which my headphones live. I took this pictures with an iPhone and tried to be in as many spaces as possible to show the presence and importance of music and being able to listen to it readily. In away these photos tell a …

The Evolution of Drinkware

From the “Select One” section I chose the object through different lenses assignment. I chose to take picture of different types of drinking objects.

The type of drinkware that I’ve used over the years has definitely evolved. I though it would be fun to explore how things had changed. I …

Ode to my Chair: A Twitter Story


For the assignment, “Photo Through Different Lenses” I decided to make art out of the most mundane thing that I could find, but also something that isn’t absent from my life. I didn’t feel like going through my closet to find some ancient ornament or memento just to …

iSpy Puzzle

Photo through different lenses

We had to choose between this assignment and the other web creating one and I thought the other one seemed harder so I chose this one. As soon as I started thinking, it ended up harder than I thought it would be. I had some ideas …

Photos through different lenses!


Is it a banana or….

Okay it’s a banana, but I chose to use it for WebAssignments, WebAssignments2103. I asked my roommates and boyfriend to help me out. So I used a banana, but not as a common food product. But instead I used it as a pen, a …

Photos through different lenses

I was intimidated by this assignment at first, mostly because I wasn’t sure what the subject of my pictures should be. However, I got excited when I came up with the idea to use my glasses. I have multiple pairs (both sunglasses and regular glasses), and I think using an …

Photo Through Different Lenses

This was so cool!!! I am a little bias because I actually created this assignment! The basic idea of this assignment is to take a normal object (for example shoes), but make it creatively different in each picture!

To complete this assignment I took 10 pictures of shoes in the …

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Tutorials So Far

Through different lenses: pencils and sketches

For this assignment I decided to have the main features incomplete drawing finished by pencils due to their shape, but also do some pencil only designs.

We start with the standard pencil being held as normal.

Then we get to completed sketches.

First, Pikemen in formation

An AT-AT from Star …