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Real Life to Cartoon Collage

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Chicken Collage

As artist we are always recreating things that appear naturally in nature. Find a picture first of something natural. Then, Find that same object having been recreated by man. Create a collage contrasting the two photographs.

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Burgers For the Win!!!

For my second visual assignment, I chose real life to cartoon collage. As i’m sitting here doing this assignment, I thought to myself what I really want to eat tonight. What great inspiration that was for my collage! I grabbed two pictures of cheeseburgers off of the internet. One is …

Natural to Artsy

This assignment made it easy to ease on into visual assignments. As always I picked to do a picture of a cow. I thought they were just incredible cute pictures!



I googled pictures of cows and cow art. These two pictures are similar, so I picked them.…


I chosed the lions for my creation as I come from a city named ‘lyon’

ds106c – Real Life to Cartoon Collage

This assignment asked to find a man made version of a natural thing and put them together in a collage. I chose to do a lion and had originally intended on finding something related to the lion king play but I found this one instead. I have no idea where …

Ds106 C: Real life to cartoon collage

I chose to do the assignment where you take something found in nature, and then find the same thing in man made form. Metal yard decorations immediately came to mind and I found a really cool one of a horse so I chose to do that animal.


I used …

DS106 Assignment B: Wooden Elephant


The assignment was to find something that was natural, and then find that same thing but made by man. Then put them together to compare the two.

Link to assignment. 

Real Life to Cartoon Collage

Visual Assignment
I picked a real photo (President Obama and Vice-President Biden). Also I found a picture of Obama Toys on Flickr (by Steve Talkowski).…

assignment real life to cartoon

I actually found this assignment very fun. I love original games like mario and donkey kong so i thought it would be awesome to show real life mario and cartoon mario!!! It was very simple i use to help with the collage.…

Juxtaposition with feater and wire

For the Real Life to Cartoon Collage assignment, my brain immediately brought up the words “wire bird.” A couple quick images searches brought me to the two pictures I wanted, and then it was just a matter of slapping them together in GIMP with a slightly opaque eraser tool. Voila!…

Cartoon Collage

So, I have an unyielding passion for fishing. And one of the species that alludes me is the TUNA!! So i made this collage using the ever famous Charlie Tuna from Starkist and a poster of one of the illusive giants. The idea came to me when I was browsing…

Real Life to Cartoon Collage

So, here is my first visual assignment for the week! I liked this one because it looked funny. The costume is a halloween kids costume, the squirrel is just the baby squirrel picture I found looking through Google (from what … Continue reading →…

Try this Visual Assignment
I created a visual assignment today! You should all try it!

Over the summer I had chickens and for some reason thought that was super cool. I was so excited to collect my own eggs for breakfast in the morning. The real chickens in this photo are the one’s…

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How to Photo Collage

There are several great ways to create a photo collage.
One great and free source I found for this is :
When the homepage for this website comes up there will be a “Create Collage” button on the left. Click that button and allow it to load.
Next, choose…