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Reflection For Freshman

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Submitted by: Brianna Rose Martino

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This one is targeted for those freshman in DS106, how did your first semester go? Well here is your chance to tell us. It's a hard time, you leave the life you once lived at home and start over. You don't know anyone and classes were hard, but you also made some amazing memories and were given times you will never get back. Tell us about it! Make a audio on soundcloud and reflect back to what it felt like walking through your dorm room the first day, your first day of classes, finals..anything you can think of. Use this as a time to reflect on everything, be honst and try to think, you may be surprised about what you come up with.

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College Reflection

For my next assignment, I decided to adapt a reflection assignment for freshman (4 stars) and turn it into an overall college experience reflection.

I used Quik to edit this video and used pictures I have taken or those of me taken by friends that were posted for public viewing …

My Freshman Year

Freshman year is the year where everyone feels nervous, excited, sad, and just a bunch of different emotions. It is a new time for everyone. I came across tis Video Assignment, which was to talk about your freshman year and to be as honest as possible. I am not a …

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How To Reflect:

Are you wondering how in the world to reflect on your freshman year?

1. Make a soundcloud.

2. Do so by going to and making an account.

3. Recording from soundcloud is easier for those new at this, go to upload and click record.

4. Reflect upon your …