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Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Animate your favorite music performer, it need not be rock and roll (bu of course "Rock and Roll will never die") - see if you can capture the essence of a single performer and their relationship to music or their instrument.

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Submissions So Far

I’m A Shred Head

I was looking around  assignment bank, and I found this assignment. It’s a rock’n’roll assignment that make a GIF  of  your favorite performer. My favorite guitarist is “Jeff Waters” I love how is riffs are fast and clean, and he’s from a band called “Annihilator”. I like …

Rock ‘n The Wire

For my third assignment of the week, I decided to take the Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF assignment and apply it to the season 2 episode 1 of The Wire. I  decided that the bar scene was perfect for this assignment because not only is there a band playing (…

Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF

Drizzy Drake at the VMA’S (started from the bottom)

Warholing a Rock ‘n’ Roll Stereo GIF

Warholing an animated stereo GIF of a rock band

Last night I was writing up my post for “Have a Rockin’ Birthday” with the usual addition of a nice tutorial to share with others since no one had posted one yet.  It slowly dawned on me how much work I …

Blink 182

Blink 182 has been one of my favorite bands since high school.  I’ve always liked their music but also like the personality of the band.  They seem very fun and carefree. This really comes across in their music videos.  This little clip really sums up their attitude and approach to

Rock ‘N Roll ‘N GIF

“Animate your favorite music performer, it need not be rock and roll (bu of course “Rock and Roll will never die”) – see if you can capture the essence of a single performer and their relationship to music or their instrument.”

I made this GIF from Childish Gambino performance at …

ds106 Assignment: Rock ‘N Roll ‘N GIF

The assignment was to capture the musicians ‘essence’ in a few seconds. This is from the Documentary “IT Might Get Loud” (2008). The guitarists are Jimmy Page and Jack White.

Uncontrollable Urge to GIF

–Originally published at mbransons » ds106
  If you’re a fan of post punk new wave music I highly recommend watching the 1982 film, Urgh! A Music War. Apparently this film which features the The Go-Go’s, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Dead Kennedys, The Police, of course Devo and many many more awesome acts was regularly broadcast on the USA network during the early days of cable. And …

The Ox: John GIFwistle

In my late night Youtube wandering, among the suggested videos that popped up last night was, An Ox’s Tale, the full length documentary of The Who’s bass genius, John Entwistle. The guy was in an orbit of his own for what he accomplished, from building his first electric bass by hand, to the way he transformed it form the dull background instrument to one that leads. I then found myself digging this thundering bas solo from a 2010 concert performance of “5:15″: Those segments looking at him from the camera view at the top of the bass, screamed “GIF” because of the lack of movement of the bass, it almost looks not real. If you watch the video, you can see that he had a small camera mounted there to record his rather amazing fast finger work (one of his nicknames was “Thunderfingers”). The video was also available Here is …

Mutant muppet party puppets

I had an idea to combine Muppet GIFs and Rock ‘n Roll GIFs by working with the awesome Sequestered in Muppets video, but I couldn’t do justice to the original. So instead I used the mutant muppet party puppets from The Coup’s … Continue reading

Won’t GIF Fooled Again

What to GIF tonight? I was recalling a few photos I took of something in West Texas I spotted on my trip home in December. Then the lightning bolts flew, so thanks to Rowan Peter for the idea on my Who GIFs to include some Pete Townsend Windmill Powered GIFness I had a series of 10 sequential shots of these windmills in motion: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog At the same spot I had done a Cinegram one, playing with freezing the rightmost tower and making the others move in a fun but not so useful for generating electricity fashion From my series of photos, I imported them all into Photoshop as a Stack. In the animation palette, I converted the layers to frames. By examining the rotation, I was able to find 6 frames that did a smooth repetition, and deleted the rest, I …

Ozzy ’70

I saw the rock ‘n roll GIF assignment and thought I’d give it a shot. Inspired by BeShort’s rendition of Girl Talk and remembering a video of Black Sabbath doing War Pigs way back in 1970, I thought I would try making … Continue reading

What counts is that the rhymes designed to fill your mind (Turn up the radio)

What counts is that the rhymes designed to fill your mind (Turn up the radio), originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. A Public Enemy themed Rock ‘N Roll ‘N GIF for DS106 GIFfest. Yes. Public Enemy are rock ‘n roll like … Continue reading

Can You GIF The Real Me?

Time for a little bit of Rock and Roll GIF-action (“I can’t get no…”) for the ds106 GIFfest, this in response to the Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF call… actually a few different music action sequences from the BBC documentary on the Who’s Quadrophenia, Can You See the Real Me?. Besides the retrospective perspectives fro those who were there, te film has some short performance segments from both their Mod days in the 1960s and the early- mid 1970s when the band was performing Quadrophenia in concert. First, we have some windmilling Young Pete Townsend, powering the chords to “Can’t Explain” Much of the old performance portions in this film have a lot of zooming and uneven camera handling, so I ended up working with rather short bits. Next we have some old and young John Entwhistle, him recalling with horror when the band got their “mod” hair cuts: And …

Fugazi forever rocking DS106 GIFfest

Fugazi forever rocking DS106 GIFfest, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

A Fugazi themed Rock ‘N Roll ‘N GIF for DS106 GIFfest.

Slayer rocks DS106 GIFfest 2012

Slayer rocks DS106 GIFfest 2012, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.
Which other band is more qualified to provide a soundtrack to truly rock DS106 GIFfest other than the mighty Slayer? Nobody rocks a Rock ‘N Roll ‘N GIF for DS106 GIFfest 2012 like Slayer! Nobody!…

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Tutorial: Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF

I really like rock music. I also really like GIFs So this assignment was a winner in my books.

Pretty cool right?

It really wasn’t that difficult at all and I’m going to explain how I did it below.

**PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial was done using a mac and …