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Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

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When most people think of cowboys, they also think of an Appalachian dialect. Record yourself saying something (whether it be a monologue, song lyrics, poem, etc.) and replace words such as "you guys" "uh", a.k.a. typical American space words, with words like "ya'll" "yee-haw". Watch as your simple monologue turns into the rooty tooty speech of the West! 

* Attached website which lists Western slang

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Audio Assignments Week 7!

This Assignment is worth 2 stars. It is AudioAssignments2004. I had to create the we will rock you beat from the artist queen in a creative way. I used a paper cup and my breathing to create the beat. 

This assignment is worth 3 and a half stars. It is …

Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

For this assignment, I did the Rooty Tooty Speech of the West because I grew up in a home where my family used a lot of country slang. So I thought it would be cool to incorporate that into my assignment.

I used part of the song Fireflies by Owl …

Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

I’m going to to a reading of one of my own poems that I wrote. It lends itself to the speech well with some of the similes that are used. Though I think that it might have come across more southern in my recording than Western but I’ve always felt …

Langston Hughes’ “Life is Fine” Western Slang Reading

The only reason I did this assignment was because I still needed half a star for my western created character to meet the quota needed. I chose to do this assignment because it was related to the western theme and seemed like it wouldn’t be too time-consuming to complete. The …

Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

I decided to read the lyrics from “Hotline Bling” by Drake.

Quote the Raven

This is a westernized reading of “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe in accordance with this assignment, which asks us to read something with this accent. Hopefully I don’t sound too southern in the mix. Sometimes I get carried away.

Putting this together was an adventure. I had to …

See y’all again

One of the assignments we were required to complete this week was the Rooty Tooty Speech of the West. I decided to pick a chorus of a very popular song, See you again by Wiz Khalifa, and change it up with some western lingo. I used the suggested website

Sally’s Saloon

This assignment I decided Sally should talk about her saloon a little bit since not many know of this fine establishment! Sally has a great place just her rough housing brothers may put a damper on things! This assignment wasn’t hard, the hardest part was coming up with what to …

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