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Rotoscoped Action

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Submitted by: Stefanie

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Rotoscope a dance or sport secene. You need to make single images out of a video sequence, like with an Animated Gif. After this you draw just the outlines of the people involved in the action. The simplest tool is an image editor like Gimp and the path tool (any kind of pen and tablet would be better). Add a layer and alter the transparency the way you can see the underneath image. Use at least 6 frames per second.

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Scribbled to Death: Star Wars Battlefront Rotoscope Animation

This ds106 mashup assignment was fun to do. I have wanted to do something like this for some time. The first time I saw ……

Animated Dance

This video for my final project means to show a group of dancers and their art, for which they have been arrested. It is just a dance, but the authorities of Thasis consider this an act of dangerous creativity, because it is not at all productive.

I created a mashup

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Gimp Rotoscoping Tutorial

I’m going to explain how you can contour something in Gimp with the Path Tool to gain an exciting animated gif. You also can use a tablet and pen, it is just not what I’ll show here. I thought people without a tablet should also be able to do this assignment.…