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Selfie with your pet

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Submitted by: Alexis Zirpmoulis

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Who doesn't love taking selfies with their animals?!? For this assignment you are required to take a selfie with your pet and share it with us. You will need to upload your photo to Flickr and share it in a blog post.

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Submissions So Far

My fish and I

Hey guys! Check out my pet fish.
His name is lil mama. I’m aware that’s an interesting name for a fish,  but I didn’t play a role in naming him. Any-who, he’s a pretty cool Betta fish.
Inside his bowl is a bunch of pebbles and fake sea grass. He…

The Definition Of Literal Perfection

Cali Marie Silverthorne Tanner

I don’t mean to brag but I have the cutest dog in the entire world. I’m saying that with out any bias at all. Cali has been my best friend for almost fifteen years. We got her when I was four and our relationship has grown …

“Selfie” with a Shepard

This is my favorite photo of my favorite dog, Argus (shh, don’t tell the other dogs). My family adopted Argus as a puppy all the way back in 1997. This photo was taken Summer 2007 in the midst of a move half way cross the country. All the furniture was …

Selfie with my bestie

Selfie with your pet – 2.5 Stars

For this visual assignment I had to take a seflie with my pet.

This assignment was very easy for me because I have about 1 million selfies of me and my cat, Kisses. The hardest part about this assignment was which one I …

Puppy Power



Oh Dixie

This is my second Visual Assignment, I chose to do the selfie with your pet. Who doesn’t love pets right? So really this is my boyfriend’s dog but I feel like she could be mine, She perks up as soon as she see’s my car pull in the drive way, …

Quality Time with my Favorite Boys

Here you can see a selfie I took of myself (obviously), my boyfriend Daniel, and my cat Marvin. He’s a very photogenic laid back cat so my camera roll is full of photos of him.

This is for the Selfie with your Pet assignment from the ds106 assignment bank.…

Pet Selfie

This is a selfie that I took with my sweet basset hound puppy dog, Ginger. She is one of the few loves of my life and even though she is 13 years old, she will always be my little puppy dog. I have had her since I was in 6th …

Let’s Take a Selfie


For this assignment, I chose a visual project. The purpose of the assignment is to take a selfie with your pet. This is right up my alley because I’m a member of the “selfie generation” and my dog is pretty much my favorite person

We had kind of a …

O.M.G! Lets take a selfie!

For this assignment I had to post a “selfie” with one of my pets. This was difficult for me because I have 2 dogs, 2 kittens, 2 birds, and a horse! Deciding who to pick and selfie with was almost next to impossible! For this photo, I chose Kasey. She’s …

Look at me meow

For my first assignment, I chose to be courageous and try to take selfies with my roommate’s cat. Here is the link to the assignment, a 3 star visual assignment:

It started out great, with a classic mirror pic.

However, when I tried to get an actual selfie, things …

Selfies with Stew-Cat

I love my animals! Especially my baby boy, Stewart. My fiancé and I bought him together and yesterday was his sixth birthday! We celebrated with a new cat window seat and lots of fancy feast. I can’t believe that he is already 6 years old :( How time flies!

My cuddle bug

I love taking selfies and I love my dog, so why not put those 2 together?? This picture is a little old, but it basically is how all our pictures always turn out; she likes to hog the camera. Her name is Sura and she is 4 years old.

#ds106 …

Selfie With Bruce

For the “Selfie With Your Pet” assignment, I decided to take a photo with my best friend Bruce (he is a cat, yes a cat can also be a man’s best friend). So like the annoying jerk I am, I woke up Bruce from his nap to take …

Selfie With Your Pet Remix!!!

Selfie with my pet bird and Fonzie! So 70’s!…

Howdy from Sam!!

Who doesn’t love a selfie? Especially with a dog. Especially with a dog in a cowboy hat.

When I first saw this assignment I expected it to be fairly simple. I would just merely pick a photo of my dog and me and plop a cowboy hat into it. It …

Selfie With Your Pet

Well, technically its not my pet but this is a selfie of myself, my brother and a turkey we found in our yard. He obviously wasn’t very interested in taking this picture with us.


2 Stars.…

Visual Assignment: Selfie with your Pet @ds106dc #tdc1480 #ILT5340

Kona and I.  She is the best dog anyone could ever ask for and the best fur baby!


ChiChi the Dog ?

Well. To those of you who read the 5 facts about me, you should know then that dogs and I go waaaaay back. To those of you who did not read it– have no shame. There are a lot of us in this course, but I do want to go …

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