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Shiny Like Silk

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Submitted by: BlackJackal

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So in this assignment you’re going to create an Abstract Art from this website (

Save it and show us your completed art.


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Suns, Only Abstract


Since the last two assignments were more time-consuming and involved (especially that tutorial. Thing took forever), I decided to try to find a more relaxing assignment for my last assignment of the week. I found the Shiny Like Silk assignment, and decided to check out the link in the …

Smooth as Silk

This visual assignment really caught my eye. I love patterns and repetition, but I also love colors and chaos. This program, WeaveSilk, is amazingly beautiful. You create your own mixture of colors and patterns to create something truly you. Any type of program that can make me feel completely …

Silky Smooth

For 2.5 stars this week, I completed the Shiny Like Silk Assignment.  This was a really fun assignment! It honestly did not feel like homework at all.

To complete this, I went to the website,, which allows you to create your own pattern, whether it’s reflected, geometric, …

Smooth Like Silk

For this visual assignment I had to create an abstract piece of art using I went to the website and it gives you a plain black screen to start drawing on. I began by drawing a small pink heart in the middle of the screen but it turned …

Shiny Like Silk


This assignment I choose Shiny Like Silk which is worth 2 1/2 stars. I used the webpage and create the picture above. Symmetry make is much easier and fancy that when I did one without symmetry.…


I had so much fun with this assignment! This website has been around for a while, but I had totally forgotten its existnec until I saw in in the bank of visual assignment options. To me, weavesilk is a more entertaining version of watching the coulds go by. …



Beauty in boredom. When I saw this as one of the assignments I went crazy. This is one of my favorite websites!!…

Shiny Like Silk

Shiny Like Silk visual assignment. 2.5 stars. Make a picture using this awesome site. This was so cool. I’m gonna be using this site a bunch!

Oooh Shiny!

After completing my Poetry Art Assignment, I decided to peruse through the rest of the visual assignments. One assignment, “Shiny Like Silk”, really stood out to me.

Ever since I got my first computer at age 10, I have always had either a cosmic or abstract style desktop …

Shiny Like Silk- Weave Art

Here is the Shiny Like Silk visual assignment that is 2 1/2 points. I like the Weave Silk website a lot because making the art is fun and therapeutic. The picture I did is posted on my Flickr account and can also be found below.

Like Silk

This assignment is a ‘Visual Assignment’ for ds106 and is worth 2.5 out of the required 10 points for the week of 1/26 to 2/01.

I was drawn to this assignment due to the unique title (‘Shiny Like Silk’).

I wanted to make something that would mesh well with the …

Two and A Half Points of Abstracted Olly Murs

Sometimes all you need is to put your headphones in with the volume on high and get lost in a good song. While sifting through the assignment bank I found one where you were to go to and create an abstract digital painting. I found this to be very …

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