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Something that would make you lol if you read it in a newspaper.

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Submitted by: LJ Galvan

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News article 1

Step 1. Imagine yourself reading the paper in the morning.

Step 2. Think of something (a story) that would make you laugh and brighten your day if you read it.

Step 3. Using any resource availible to you, make a fake news article, that incorporates your sense of humor. Even if it is an inside joke that only you and a handful of people would get (laugh).

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Run Turtle, Run!

Hey guys and gals!


This assignment required us to make a funny newspaper article! As always, I had to use my dog. Because he is hilarious. This assignment is called Something That Will Make You LOL If You Read it in a Newspaper and it is worth 2.5 …

Newspaper Joke

This assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars, and it is to create a newspaper article that will make you laugh. One of the sample I look up was of a child in a spiderman costume, and my dog name is Parker. So I thought a good article will be if …

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