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Sound Scapes

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Submitted by: Chloe Smolarski

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Compose a sound piece using only found sounds. Edit and mix the piece on any sound editing equipment and upload to soundcloud.

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Submissions So Far

Could Musical Instruments Be Obsolete Within the Next 5 Years?

This is my response to the Sound Scapes assignment, worth 4.5 stars. I had to create a piece of sound using only “found sounds.” “Found sounds” is a very nebulous term, so I interpreted it to mean “sounds from objects I found around the house.” I went ahead and decided …

For all Eternity


An elvish man, long dark hair, two braids at the side of his head, tied back and braided together to keep hair out of his face.  The sound of a morning lark wakes up a man, he get’s out of bed and gets ready for the day ahead …

The Sound of ‘New Literacies’: Week 2 Reflective Practice INTE 5340 Digital Storytelling


As part of the educational discourse in digital storytelling each week, I will conduct a reflective practice self assessment. These ‘reflections’ will serve as both formative and summative assessment to the learning goals of the course INTE 5340.

See learning goals in the INTE 5340 syllabus. See DS106

Rain Chimes

DS106 Sound Scapes, AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments970

The soundscape audio assignment really appealed to me. I sometimes listen to ‘voiceless’ music during the work day when I need to focus hard and not be distracted behind the meaning of words in songs. It also relaxes me and helps me enter a …

Can you hear it ?

This assignment called Sound Scapes was worth 4.5 stars and it was kinda hard to do. I related it back to my character and at first I had no idea how I was going to do that but then I realized I didn’t really do anything for her husband. I …

Sound Scape (4.5 Stars)

You’re welcome music lovers everywhere. An extremely eclectic mix of tracks to create one single track. I was tasked with using only four and have come up with this sweetness. I used GarageBand for the loops and the mixing. I hope you enjoy it but if you don’t there is …

Try to escape

Sound Scapes (4 1/2) stars told us to use only found sounds in order to create a sound piece. I chose this assignment because it reminded me of one of the assignments we had done previously in this class, so I had a basic idea of how to start it. …

Made songs

The last assignment I chose to do was Sound Scapes worth 4 and a half stars. This was a lot of fun so I may of done more than asked haha. The assignment was to make a song only using found sounds. I had a lot of fun with this …

Sound Scape: Amusement Park!

I have always loved amusements parks like Disneyland or King’s Dominion since I was little.  With this audio assignment, I really tried to capture the feeling of being fully immersed in the sounds and atmosphere that you would expect to find in one of these parks.  I incorporated various sounds …

The Sounds of the Forest

Sounds are from

spoonbender –…r/sounds/244942/

IFartInUrGeneralDirection –…on/sounds/74646/

cornodrig –

This sound was made from various sound that I found on I also used the Audacity software to trim, and adjust the volume of the different sounds in each file. Finding them was not too …

ITCC Sounds

I did the assignment called Sound Scapes, worth 4.5 stars. I used Audacity as my sound editor and FreeSound as my source for the sounds. I also used an app recommended by SoundCloud called AudioCopy in order to record the ITCC elevator on my iPhone and then directly upload …

Da Farm

Sound Scapes

I choose Sound Scapes, which is just taking different sounds and combining them to create a piece of music. Sound Scapes was worth 4.5 stars. I could not get this one to automatically show up on the post so it has been linked. I apologize for the inconvenience.…

Welcome to Havana!


So I chose the Sound Scapes audio assignment, which is worth 4 1/2 stars. This assignment was right up my alley because I love to produce music in my spare time. The idea for the track hit me instantly. I decided to create a latin vibe, and that’s when …

Country Sounds

For my assignment, I picked to do a sound scape. I naturally thought of something that had to do with cows.. so the country came into my head. All these noises are the stereotypical country scene. All of the sounds came off of freesound.


This was much …

Jay-z/Chance the Rapper

Toys and Dolls

Every kid loves playing with toys and while growing up we all had our favorites.  As a grown up, sometimes I look back at the toys I used to play with.  Some of them bring back fun feelings and I still think they’re cool.  Others bring back a completely different …

Sound Scapes

I even went with the Deep Field photo from the assignment prompt, because I love the deep field photo. It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. It’s the closest most of us will get to Time Travel. When you look at that photo you’re looking BILLIONS OF …

The Sounds of A City


This is most definitely the hardest assignment I’ve done yet. I guess I’m just not a very good “mixer” but I’ve seriously started working on this last night. I used Audacity, and had a lot of trouble finding a tutorial that I could sit through, so even I just …

The Sounds of A City


This is most definitely the hardest assignment I’ve done yet. I guess I’m just not a very good “mixer” but I’ve seriously started working on this last night. I used Audacity, and had a lot of trouble finding a tutorial that I could sit through, so even I just …

Sound scapes

For the next Ds106 assignment  I was asked to compose a sound piece using only found sound. Here is what I came up with:


I found these sounds using I downloaded the Forest birds and African drums sound and edited and mixed these two sounds using Audacity which …

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