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Sports Poster

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Submitted by: Alexander Hollyer

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Create a poster of a sports player. It can be from any sport and any different player you can think of. Make it look like one that you would buy in a store. Add the team name, the players logo if they have one and any other interesting things about that player that you can represent visually. 



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Sports Poster


I created a poser for my favorite New York Giants player: Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell is the highest ranked player on the New York Giants and is a top 5 receiver.

The Giants have recently won two super bowls but it was before Odell Beckham Jr. joined the New …

Sports Poster (2.5 stars)


For this visual assignment we had to create a sports poster for any athlete. I immediately wanted to do this one because I am a huge sports fan. I chose to make a poster for my favorite NBA player, Kawhi Leonard. At only 25 years old he has list …

Messy retires

Assignment details available at:

Messi has been one of the greatest football player. He has been representing his country, Argentina, for many years.  He has announced that he is going to retire from international football. I am not in favor of this decision as I believe that he is …

Going For Gold

Recently my colleague had won tickets to go see the olympic’s. So I took the week off to have some down time and travel a bit. My time at the olympics was a short one but I  was able to see Gabby Douglas, A shining star going for Gold.This poster …

Muhammad Ali Poster

I took the image, added words and the wings in the background.

A few examples of editors you can use to make this on your own: photoshop, gimp, and…

Harper for MVP

So I know I talk a lot about the outdoors and some of my other hobbies, but one big thing I’ve left out is baseball. One of the things I’ve noticed over the past couple of years as I’ve been “growing up” has been my continuing disinterest in sports and …

Misty May-Treanor- Visual Assignment

The third Visual Assignment I did this week was for 2.5 stars. It was to make a poster of your favorite sports player. I did 3 time Olympian Misty May-Treanor. I retrieved the main picture and the USA Volleyball logo from Google. I then put the main picture into Paint …

Sports Poster

Sports poster I made for my favorite player, the NBA’s 2015 MVP Stephen Curry.…

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Poster Tutorial

Visual Assignment: Sports Poster

Stars: 2.5

I created this poster on GIMP.

Step 1: Open GIMP and then, at the top, click File -> Open and choose one of the pictures that isn’t your background.

Step 2: At the top, click Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel

Step 3: …