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Support Creative Commons With a Poster

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Use creative commons licensed images to design a poster about how groovy Creative Commons is! Use a tool like Compfight to find creative commons licensed images in flickr (be sure to select the right option on the search pane), and then use photo editing software to add your message, call to arms, rallying cry, urgent plea. INclude as well a creative commons logo-- look to the creative commons itself for ones to use.

Most importantly, in your poster be sure to give attribution credit to the source image.

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Submissions So Far

We’re Gonna Do It Anyway, Even If It Doesn’t Pay

Everything is free now
That’s what they say
Everything I ever done
Gonna give it away
Someone hit the big score
They figured it out
That we’re gonna do it anyway
Even if it doesn’t pay
— Gillian Welch, “Everything Is Free”

Don’t hate me, Gillian Welch.
Not that…

Creative Commons Poster

I found the assignment to create a CC poster more difficult than I imagined, especially after struggling a bit with the Postcard assignment.
The assignment here was:
Use creative commons licensed images to design a poster about how groovy Creative Commons is! Use a tool like Compfight to find creative…

Creative Commons: Irrigation System of Knowledge

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by englishspartan :

This is the Creative Commons poster I created. When I think of CC, an irrigation system comes to mind. We want to be able to share our creative works with everyone, because it will feed more…

CC Rally Poster!

As soon as I saw the image of the kids pop up as the image for the assignment I thought, I am going to use a pregnancy photo. I knew I wanted to portray the message that it takes more then one person to create life. So I used the…

Mission: ds106 – support Creative Commons with a poster

I went all over the place on this one. I wanted to do something with cloning, clones’ rights, and the future, so first I thought I might use a picture of clone troopers (who might thank you with candy), but I decided not to mess with licensed action figures. Then…

Poster Advice

It was difficult to decide on a picture to use, I searched through the creative commons on Flickr for a while before I decided on this one. I got the idea for the text from my friend, her  big saying was always “I’m bored lets go make memories”. So when…

ds106 Design Assignments

My goal with participating in ds106 (in whatever way that played out) was to learn something. I’ve only scratched the surface but I’ve learned quite a bit about GIMP and Photoshop today. In addition, without putting in much effort (as I probably should have done) I am looking at design…

Flock Together & Share

“Sharing is Caring,” words my mother instilled in me a long time ago. I found this picture on the Creative Commons website and it looked as if all the origami birds are looking over and reviewing something. That is where I got the idea of  ”Flocking Together.. Sharing Ideas.”…

ds106ing Creative Commons Posters

Martha and I are adding a new element to the ds106 syllabus area on design, we want students to get practice understanding creative commons by seeking licensed media and then doing a design assignment using it- make a creative commons poster
Use creative commons licensed images to design a poster…

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