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Talking Animal Mashup

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Submitted by: K Walker

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Combine separate previously recorded audio and video files to create a video mashup of a talking pet. Use Audacity or another audio recording software and Movie Maker or another video editing software. The segments from each should be edited to deliver your message from the talking pet.

For this assignment, I used an audio assignment of my host character giving a morning message to the village people. I also had a video of my dog barking while I was talking to him, which was used as part of a video assignment. The original audio and video segments were uploaded to Movie Maker. Both were edited so that the pet's voice is that of the host character (or yourself) delivering a message, telling a story, or reading poetry. Be creative!

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A Dog’s Life

For this assignment, I found a clip featuring an adorable dog who seems to be quite jealous and also likes to be petted. I used iMovie to cut the part and recorded my voice over it. Enjoy!

MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments1862 …

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Done with poker, dog garn it.

I was searching through the assignment bank looking for ways to incorporate my character, Merrill Shale. When I found this one, I considered how I might make a video of an animal talking go along with an old Western gambler, and the answer came straight to me… If you …