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The Creative Mashup

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Submitted by: Demi Nicole Fulcher

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In this Assignment you will take a Classic Paiting and blend it with a picture dealing with a scence or eposide from "The Wire". Explain the picture, what season and show the picture is  coming from and why you chose to put the two pictures together.

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The Starry Night at the Railroad Tracks

The Creative Mashup was an assignment to mix up a classical painting with a scene from The Wire. Since McNulty and Lester always go to the railroad tracks at night, I stitched together a scene of them at the tracks with Van Gough’s “The Starry Night.” I just used paint …

We all scream for the Wire

The assignment for a classic painting blended with something in the Wire, or the “Creative Mashup” was really interesting to me, and after watching the opening of episode 9 I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. Many are familiar with Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream” and …

What are you looking at???


Well this was interesting to do! This is a picture for the Creative Mashup. The Wire picture comes from S2E01, and the painting is Getrude Stein by Pablo Picasso. Truth be told, I’m not even certain why I chose this picture from the wire. I was looking for anything …

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