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The Graphic WIld West

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Submitted by: Paul

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Sixties TV show The Wild Wild West had some interesting graphics to close out each act before the commercial break, in which a collage of illustrations of scenes made up a kind of comic book page.

You assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to take a Western, pick out a few key scenes, and arrange them in a comic book page style image a la The Wild Wild West. The challenge is twofold: to create a visually interesting arrangement, and to give it that hand-drawn appearance. Whether you do the latter through image manipulation, tracing or drawing is up to you.

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Dances with Wild Wild Wolves

What would Dances with Wolves look like if it were like The Wild Wild West show? A little more drawn and patriotic, probably. The design assignment for this project asks for a comic-style creation of scenes from a Western, which should look drawn like the show’s cutscenes.

I chose to …

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