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The Make Art Damnit Interview

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Submitted by: @todd_conaway

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In the spirit of Making Art, Damnit, go forth and interview someone and ask them, "Why Make Art Damnit?"

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Art Damnit! (Two Stars)

For this assignment I had to interview someone and ask them “why make art damnit?” I decided to interview my co-owner Liam because he is into art stuff. He sees many different uses for art and why it is important. I decided to ask him because I …

Haunted by “Make Art Damnit”

–Originally published at the pagan pirate archives
So there I was, being there, as usual. Sitting in an easy chair, watching the ds106 hashtag stroll by. So much beauty. So many opportunities for art. So I start humming, softly at first, “Make Art Damnit.” It rolled around my noggin like golfballs in an empty paint can. Clunk. Clunk. I started wondering what …

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