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Theme Verse

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Submitted by: Emily Deane

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Create your own verse from a song! Pick a few lines from a few of your favorite songs that have the same focus. Then, combine them together to make a new verse in a song. Make sure it makes sense and it goes together! See an example here:

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It’s Alright, It’s Alright

Theme Verse-combine verses of songs to create a new verse.

The Story Behind the Story

I rarely hear song lyrics. I am fully consumed by how fluid the melody is, the way the notes float seamlessly together. Words flit in and out of my perception, usually I’ll only catch a …

What Car to Buy (ds106 might help)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog
As we move into audio week, I wanted to whip together a quick example of a ds106 assignment just in case students are having trouble in Audacity. I hit the random button a few times in the audio assignments and…

Theme Verse

Here is the theme verse assignment. I opted to do this since much of the music I listen to somehow shared a common theme. The first couple of clips are from Periphery, a groove metal band; the last song is by Selena.…

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Theme Verse **

This assignment asked that you create your own verse by taking pieces of your favorite songs and editing them together. Because our radio show was autumn themed, I took all my Halloween favorites and made a mash-up. The mash-up is of Legend of the Sleepy Hallow’s “Headless Horseman Song”  Boo…