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To my mom

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If you're like me, you are super close to your mom. The woman who has done everything for you from missing work to be with you, to driving hours to be with you. But there is not enough words to thank her. How do you even show her how much you appreciate her for doing everyhing she has done (or even just for loving you) For this assignment you must write an open letter to your mother. Whether it is a thank you letter, a sorry letter, or an anger one. Express the words you always wanted to say to your mother and have fun with it!

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Submissions So Far

For My Mom…


Where do I even start?

You have been my best friend, even when I thought you were my worst enemy. You never stopped loving me and proving it, even when I told you I hated you. Those preteen/early teenage years were rough for me, but you were resilient, graceful …

Dear Mom…

Dear Mom,

Well it’s safe to say that we’ve had a rocky road throughout my childhood. I know I wasn’t the easiest daughter to raise. We couldn’t be more opposite. In high school you were a cheerleader, Homecoming Queen three years in a row, tennis captain. On the other hand, …

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

Thank you for making all of the delicious meals for us last weekend and washing the dishes afterwards. I am grateful to you for everything in my life including daily things because they are all part of who I am and I am very thankful that you are …

Agent Smith – Dear Mom

I don’t normally talk about…..feelings….but hey, uh, I am thankful to my mother for all the wonderful support she has given me over my life. She was the one who originally taught me how to drive, pushed me to get a college education, and inadvertently taught me how to infiltrate…since …

One strong women

Dear mom,

Words cannot express how big of an impact you’ve had on my life and as I sit here writing this letter to you, I cannot help but get teary eyed thinking back to all our memories, good or bad. You have endured more things in your life and …

To My Mom

My mom is a true inspiration and a constant drive of why I try to be the best that I can every single day.

Dear Tallie

I chose to complete the Dear Mom assignment after I read about Natalie’s character, from our DS106 class. Her character, Tallie, was tough and hardworking. It reminded me a lot about my character. This gave me the idea to write a mom letter to her character as if she was …

To My Mom

Hi Mom,

I just wanted to write you this letter to let you know how thankful I am for all of the things that you have done for me over the years! You are such a blessing in my life. Thank you for giving me life and going through the …

Letter to Mom

Dear, Mom

You are the best person in the world, you make me happy when I’m feeling down and you are the most loving person along with Dad. There is no way I will ever be able to thank you for everything you have done to make me the person …

Written Assignment – To My Mom

Dear Mom,

I bet five years ago, a college assignment would be your last guess for a reason that I would be writing you a letter, but honestly, it’s about time I tried to express how I feel about you in writing. First, I want to make it clear, although …



I grew up as a middle child, and always felt far from you. I seemed to think you always favored my older sister over me, but as I grew up, I realized that I was wrong. Instead you would teach her to care for her younger siblings while you …

To my riser

Riser (according to Dierks Bentley): life is hard, man, and you’ve got to give it your all to succeed

My family moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old, we came with nothing. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with 5 people, and started off with nothing. …

Writing Assignment – To my Mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being an amazing mother. You may not feel like you have, but you’ve raised four fantastic daughters. Each one of us loves you very much. I’m so thankful I look forward to coming home and hanging out with you; I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship …

To My Mom

This weeks assignments are mostly writing and out of three options I decided to choose this one. My Mom is my best friend and closest confidant so of course I wrote a letter to her. It got kind of “mushy-gushy” but I love her so who care! Here’s to …

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Dear Mom….


Dear mom,

It’s day 89 of the apocalypse. I think i’m going insane. I haven’t talked to another human in about 3 days. I’ve been hiding at night, and at this point I have a routine to sleep through the night. I met a friend last week called Sandy. …