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Travel Far Far Away

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Submitted by: Mariah Young

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Create a travel schedule! Include things like the plane number, location and the purpose of travel! Try to make it as mysterious as possible! 

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Creating a Travel Schedule!

For this Design Assignment, the goal is to create a detailed travel schedule! This assignment is worth  4.5 stars. 

The best site I used for creating my travel schedule is Travefy. Seriously, whether you plan to do this assignment or not, I highly recommend this site for planning …

For all Eternity


An elvish man, long dark hair, two braids at the side of his head, tied back and braided together to keep hair out of his face.  The sound of a morning lark wakes up a man, he get’s out of bed and gets ready for the day ahead …

Only If Life Worked Like This

If I had it my way, I would travel the world and go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted and stay however long I wanted. With that being said, here is my dream itinerary! Not to sure this would work for to many people, but I was clearly out to …

Me and my sons summer trip

Travel Itinerary

Depart for Texas-San Angelo

Arrive in Nashville

Visit Grand Ole Opry
A 3 star that is less than 125.00

Depart Nashville

Arrive in Dallas

Take my son to a Texas Rangers game
A 3 star that is less…

Travel Itinerary

For this assignment, I created a travel itinerary of a trip that I’d like to take someday. One of my best friends lives near London, which is why I picked it.

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