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Triple Troll Wire Epigraphs

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Submitted by: Jim Groom

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Triple Troll Wire Epigraph

New assignment for #wire106 inspired by Troll Quotes. Take an epigraph from one of the episodes and attribute it to another, related figure. Finally, adorn the quote and author with an image of a third character from the series. This way, nothing about your image is correct, and you’re trolling fans of The Wire with all three characters at once.

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Triple Troll Wire Epigraph

For my first visual assignment this week, I did the Triple Troll Wire Epigraph (2 stars).

I took a screenshot from the episode, found the epigraph I wanted (here‘s a list of all of them), and then did the editing in GIMP.

I used a screenshot of Bird …

The game’s done gone and changed y’all…or has it?

Well hello again!  I hope everyone’s week three ended well.  This was a whirlwind week for me, with tons of assignments in all of my classes.  But I’m not here to talk about that.  I’m here to talk about The Wire and digital storytelling, so let’s get into it.

I …

Game’s the same…

Here is another repost of an assignment so that I can file it away all nice and tidy.  If you would like to see the write up about this assignment, check it out right here.


This was my submission for the Visual Assignment “Triple Troll Quote”.  Enjoy!…

My Big Fat Greek Triple Troll Epigraph

Here we see Valchek and Sobotka going at each other, but the quote is from Little Big Roy where he’s speaking about the shipping ports and how everything is becoming more automated.  The good old days are gone. The Greek tends to speak with better grammar, so I thought this …

Triple Troll Picture

I really wanted to use a picture of Omar for this assignment, so I remembered this picture from S1E13. For whatever reason, I decided to use one of the lines that the judge said to McNulty. I then thought that it might would appear that this is a believable line …

Triple Troll Epigraph

From the time I saw this assignment on the Visual page, I knew I had to do it. And then I thought about this quote and I knew it would be perfect because there were so many people who could have said it. I chose the quote from Season 2, …

Trolling Quotes

I decided to do a visual assignment for my third assignment this week. I chose to do a troll quote and confuse some people. I wanted to highlight the notion of “the game” in the show and did so with this, as every aspect of my troll quote deals with …

Triple Troll

Triple Troll Wire Epigraphs

While writing my last post about The Wire, It struck me that the epigraphs for each episode might make for an awesome twist on the Troll Quotes assignment. So, be the badass that I am, I created a new assignment called titled Triple Troll Wire Epigraphs. Here the …

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