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Submitted by: Alan Levine (inspired by phonar)

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Sometime the photographs we choose not to take are the most powerful images- in this assignment choose not to photograph a subject but write out the image in text (or maybe describe in audio), and share why this is a more appropriate representation.

This is based on the Unphotographable site : "....a catalog of exceptional mistakes. Photos never taken that weren't meant to be forgotten. Opportunities missed. Simple failures. Occasions when I wished I'd taken the picture, or not forgotten the camera, or had been brave enough to click the shutter." and see also examples done by the phonar participants

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This is a photo I did not take of the ambassador of an unnamed country meeting with the CEO of a biotechnology firm and a representative of an organization known as ORION. The CEO sits in a sleek, suede chair in the corner of a hotel suite with a large …


This picture I did not take was of a young female student studying in the niches of the convergence center, turning out distractions, expanding her knowledge, and preparing for her future. One day she may be our boss, our co-worker, our neighbor, or our friend; one day she will be …

Ball Circle

The picture i didn’t take is of a young sophomore at umw She’s in the middle of Ball Circle on an adirondack chair with her legs flipped over the side. It’s sunny and she has her macbook in her lap, catching up on Sociology homework. Her headphones are in tuning out campus

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