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Vicarious Graffitti

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Submitted by: Isaac Whalen

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Charlie Graffiti

So we all know that graffiti is cool, but unfortunately you can and probably will go to jail if you do it. So why not, through the powers of computering, live the thrill vicariously? Make a stencilized image via Photoshop, GIMP, or any other kind of image editing program (or by hand if you can manage it). After you make your stencil shop it into an image of a building to make it look like you actually sprayed it on the building. Creativity is a plus.

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There here


Wanted to show the Invaders have arrived in my graffiti post.  This is my favorite type of generic alien, so I thought I would incorporate it into the invaders posts.  I cut the alien out in GIMP and downloaded a graffiti font from here.

A link to the …

Picture Fail (2 stars)


I was looking for a wall on which to do my graffitti and I found this cool picture which already had graffitti and these girls taking a picture saying they love each other. That is when I got the idea to just make them look silly by adding “Just …

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