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Submitted by: Tom

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Lots of things today have warning labels. Create warning labels for things that exist only in movies or your imagination. Examples

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Submissions So Far

Beware of the Failed Franchise

WARNING-create a warning poster for a fictional hazard.

The Story Behind the Story-

You would think, that after six films, that if the characters did not adapt to be able to more intelligently navigate a world overrun with horrifying aliens, then at least the creators of these abominations would find …

Fruity Warning

Hmm…imaginary warning label. The only question is, what can I think of that could be dangerous enough to warrant a warning label? How about whatever inspired this commercial:

Not stated in the commercial is the following.

How could they neglect putting that in the commercial? Must be the Alliance’s payment …

I should probably just staple this to my forehead

Yeah. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
The assignment to create a warning sign was by far the easiest design assignment from this week, but I also learned a surprising amount getting it done.
Creating the sign was easy enough: I found a simple Hard Hat Area sign, drew over the original text…

Warning! Trolls on TALL Bridges!

The [design] assignment, Warning, by Tom “Lots of things today have warning labels. Create warning labels for things that exist only in movies or your imagination.”  Allowed for me to be able to focus on what keeps me awake sometimes.. now this is embarrassing but I have nightmares of trolls…

Warning Labels (3 stars)

Everything these days have a warning label. Some make sense while others actually tell you that the product you’re about to use cause more harm than help. This is what I came up with…..

Coming from the procrastinating queen, I wait to do EVERYTHING last minute. I swear I try…


I really wish I could do something with a little more detail and color for these design assignments but Gimp is giving me a run for my money.  Here’s my design for the Warning assignment.  Unicorns are always portrayed as docile and do-no-evil type animals so I though I’d take…


Original Assignment Link
THE ASSIGNMENT: The assignment was to create a warning label for things that exist only in movies or your imagination.
THE PROCESS:  The first step was to find a generic fire exit sign from the internet, and download it to my computer.  I then modified the image…

WARNING – Lightsaber

Below is a warning label you might find on a lightsaber:

As you can see, a saber is no joke. It can cut through anything (except other lightsabers or that force shield stuff). While I was making this label, I thought, what happens if you drop an open lightsaber facing…

Are you looking for a career change?

I guess it is human nature to ask yourself if you might have chosen a different career path? Educators, like many others, sometimes have second thoughts about their teaching profession during our long, cold winter. My solution for such mid-winter “blues” is to compare the tasks that others must do…

Those Illiudium Q-36 Space Modulators are DANGEROUS

(click for the full diagram in all its martian glory)

Inspired by Ben Rimes post today I wanted to take a spin at the ds106 Warning Design assignment:
Lots of things today have warning labels. Create warning labels for things that exist only in movies or your imagination

I felt…

Hover Boards as Digital Storytelling Devices

"Hey McFly, you bojo! Hoverboards don't work on water!"

What is digital storytelling? Rather than bore you with a rather lengthy history of the term, and how it has been applied in the past to both the realms of education and entertainment, allow me to illustrate how I see it…

WARNING! Lightsabers!

Original photo from

DS106 Assignment:
Lots of things today have label warnings. Create warning labels for things that exist only in movies or your imagination.
The Process:
First, I found a picture of a lightsaber here. Then, I used photoshop to copy the photo onto a larger canvas and…


Assignment: Warning

I describe myself a cookie monster because I really love cookies!
It is just so addictive to me.
I feel extremely happy when my friends buy Chips Ahoy from America.
They usually get me a couple of big box, but I finish eating them in a few days.
I cannot stop…

My Own Warning Sign

Did you notice it?AND, can you understand it?
If not, BEWARE!!Coz I NEVER am a female despite of my body born in a female form!(I actually am a neutral-gender dude, though…)
…WELL, I’m not gonna tell you descriptions of what the words mean, cozTHEY JUST MEAN IT.
NEVER believe the…

Warning Sign

For my warning sign assignment I wanted to do a warning sign for Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. I got a warning sign jpg off of google and put it in MS Paint, then I found an outline of Gizmos face and made all of the colors black and yellow…

Flux Capacitor as Digital Storytelling Device

created for a ds106 assignment (

As a part of the increasingly mind boggling and transformative ds106 course that I’m currently participating in, I created this warning poster for a rather infamous piece of fictional technology; the flux capacitor. The assignment itself was based on the work of an excellent…


This time around, I chose the design project “Warning“.  The task of the assignment was to create a warning label for something that exists only in a movie or in your imagination.
My first thought: the time traveling Delorean from Back to the Future.
But I couldn’t find a cool…

Star Wars Warning Labels

I saw this assignment pop up the other day and thought it looked fun but had no idea what to do. Then, on what turned out to be an almost 6hr trip from Fredericksburg to Philly, I thought of something. I remembered reading a list of ridiculous warning labels like…

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