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Submitted by: Amy Wallace

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For this assignment, design a layout of website in some sort of image editing software, such as photoshop. Create a new website completly, or change an exsisting one to the way you would like it. 

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History rewritten on Reddit

Original assignment

To see what I’ve doe you’ll need to click on the photo. I changed history! The assignment asks to create a website or modify one to your liking. The only change I made were were removing the actual score above the ‘Box Score’. I also removed the original …

What’s going on in New York?

I liked doing the website design assignment for my noir character, Jim Sardic, because it would be a challenge to incorporate such a thing in a story where there were no computers.  In Sardic’s world, computers don’t work in New York, where he lives.  It’s now a place where secrets …

Pyramid Industries

Because George Glekas operates Pyramid Industries, I decided to use the design assignment Website Design to create a official web layout for the company. Since George in the show sold cameras, I featured the “Electronics” page on the layout.

To create the layout, I used GIMP to add a header, …

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