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We’ve Got You Covered

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Submitted by: Dominique Giles

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Galaxy Doll Magazine

Create your own magazine cover! You're responsible for the title, layout, font, and photos. Don't use anything from an exsisting magazine and make everything from scratch. Put everything together and make sure you add few article titles on the front. *Bonus points if you actually write out one or two of the articles.

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Submissions So Far

Charlee, We’ve Got You Covered

Charlee Faraday, featured above in her own issue of Charlee Magazine.

I decided a great post to add to the building of my character, Charlee Faraday, would be to do the assignment “We’ve Got You Covered.” I used Canva for this assignment, finding a template magazine cover and …

The Retro 8

This is the magazine cover I came up with.  I’ve always liked the retro style and I have a passion for gaming. Thus, I created a gaming magazine that combines the 8-bit and retro themes.  They go great together because 8-bit can be considered retro and is an older style …

“Trail Girl” Magazine Cover – DS106 Assignment Bank for Design

This week I was given the choice to pick which ever category I prefer from the DS106 Assignment Bank. I chose to go with “Design” because that is something I am lacking in and would like more practice with. I found a challenge that asks the participant to create a …

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Tutorials So Far

Retro 8 design process

There is a lot of things to think about while designing something, especially if you are trying to follow some type of theme or style.  I had friends look at my designs and give me feedback before I progressed further into my designs.  This gave me a sense of what …