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What do you do?

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Submitted by: Alexis Zirpmoulis

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For this video assignment you are asked to record a short 8 second minimum of a specific thing you do on an everyday basis. For example, brushing your teeth, walking to class, playing a sport, etc. We want to see one of your daily routines! After the assignment is complete you will need to upload your video footage to either YouTube or Vimeo to create your blog post.

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Submissions So Far

Everyday, without fail

For this video assignment, I was tasked with making a video of myself doing something I do every day. The hardest part was deciding what I should choose to film. Most things that are “daily tasks” are trivial and boring to watch, however other options aren’t literally daily things. There …

What do you do? Look at web comics

I  a fan of a community made web-comics called Polandball. One thing I like to do is check sites that post daily.

Daily Routine

For my second assignment this week, I decided to do the What do You do? from the assignment bank. This assignment was rated 4 1/2 stars but I think it was a lot easier than most assignments.

I decided to record myself doing a task that I do every single …

Something that I do every day

I actually thought this one would be funny to do because no joke 80% of my life is spent doing exactly what you see me doing in the video. I am on my computer so often its not even funny. From playing video games to classwork to paid work you …

This is My Life….


The goal of this assignment was to take a short video of something I did on a daily basis. Daily life in general can be a little boring. I mean, most exciting things don’t actually happen every day right? But, instead of having you guys watch me brush my …

What do you do?-Assignment

For this, the clear answer was to run. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past eight years. As a result, the video is a little shaky, but I like giving the viewer a perspective of what I do. I wanted to film while I was running so I was …

On the Daily…

This assignment had me record a video highlighting one thing I do every day. I chose to film myself checking my email (while making sure no sensitive information was visible). I was going to film it all on my phone, but I realized that I can’t flip from the front …

What do you do daily?

I chose to complete the video assignment “What do you do?” for 4.5 stars. This was a little over-rated in my opinion because this was simple to create with minimal editing. The only “complicated” part was deciding what to do because there are a ton of things that get done …

I do..what I do

Another great  Video Assignment this comes from the assignment  What Do You Do? this is worth (4 starts). My thinking is that it should be rated about 3 stars but that is just my personal opinion. I guess this is where I tell the story about what I do everyday, …

What do we do? We swim!

This week’s video assignment asked: What do you do?  I was tasked with creating an at least 8 second video about something I do on a daily basis.  So, I decided to be a typical Floridian and make a video about going to the pool!

Some of you might be …

Saddle up!

This week we had to do 10 stars of video assignments with at least 4 being of our character. This assignment called what do you do? instructs you to make a video clip (no longer than 8 seconds) of a specific thing you do on a daily basis. It is …

What do you do? Video Assignment

For this video assignment, “What do you do?” I was to record myself doing something I do every day. As such, I decided to record a video of myself skating. I chose to video myself skating because I really like to skate (well most of the time…) and I spend …

DS106 AB: Video Assignment #ILT5340

The video assignment asked me to record something I do everyday.  I am typing on my computer everyday.

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