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Where do your shoes take you?

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Submitted by: Kristin O'Connell

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Where do your shoes take you in a day? Tell a story using a video of only your shoes! Take videos of you walking from place to place and make it into a video. Add music or sound effects, be creative!

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Submissions So Far

Where My Shoes Take Me

This was interesting and almost a little nerve-racking as well.  Mostly for the fact that some of my videos would not convert, but also because it was difficult remembering to whip out my camera and get a shot of my feet wherever I went.  I started out at my girlfriends …

Agent Nice Guy’s Tuesday

Tuesday was such as beautiful day that it was the ideal day to film Agent Nice Guy’s feet. I thought that she deserved a break from her Thursday (in reference to Agent Nice Guy’s Thursday, an audio clip that I made previously about how she was running in the rain …

Where Do Your Shoes Take You?

This was a very cool video to make for me personally! I like making short videos that are simple but creative-ish. Here was my attempt of an all foot view video:

I definitely wish I had made this when it was light out and I wish that I had held …

Where My Shoes Take Me

This assignment was to create a video which shows where my shoes take me. Where do they take me? Watch this and find out!

This video tries its best to follow me throughout my day. Of course it is not 100% accurate, otherwise it would have been 24 hours long. …

Where do your Shoes take you? (4 stars)

For my last video assignment I picked an assignment that one of classmates, Kristin O’Connell, made. Not a lot of people make their own assignments so I wanted to do this one. I also picked this because I wanted to pick an assignment that went along with the theme of …

Where my shoes take me

I created an assignment this week! I rated it 4 stars, but I am going to give myself 5 stars because I came up with it

The goal was to tell a story using a video of only my shoes. I told the story of my morning, and it was …

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