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Who are YOU?!?

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What do you think represents you?  Is it a color? Is it video games? Is it food? Whatever it is there are many things out there that make you, YOU!  For this assignment you are going to make an acronym using your name and find pictures of items that represent each letter of your name.  It can be a person, a sports team, anything! It is your job to show us something about yourself.  Please also explain what the pictures mean so we can get to know you more.

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Design of Water Pump

Water pumps is life

Who are you?

My third assignment I did was called Who are you? worth four and a half stars. In this assignment I had to create a picture using pictures that represented each letter in my name and something about me.

E- Represents an elephant because I like elephants. I think they are …

Who am I

I have a picture of heels because I am obsessed with shoes. I have a picture of a family because that’s what I live for. I have a picture of the color burgundy because that is my favorite color. I have a picture of college students because I am still …

Who am I?

This assignment revolved around expressing who you are in a single image. I find myself to be very complicated, so this took me a while. Most of the time actually went into trying to hone myself and accurately portray myself. As far as introductions go, I’d say this one was …

Who Am I?

Assignment (4 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find different adjectives or items that describe ourselves, and then fit them into an acronym of your name. To complete this assignment, I first thought up of five different words that could represent each letter of my name. I then found …

Who I am?

This assignment is call Who I am ? and it is worth 4 stars. I have to basically describe myself using picture. For this reason, I decided to use my name and find a characteristic that represent me and tried it to match it with pictures.

Mannered, I appreciate a …

Who Am I?

For this design assignment I had to display who I am using the letters in my name. I treated every letter of my name as the first letter of a word that describes me and then made a collage of pictures to demonstrate those attributes. I came up with the …

Who Am I? – I am a lot of things!

The DS106 Design Assignment page challenged viewers to come up with a designed picture or photo that takes your name and turns it into an acronym using descriptive words about yourself. Below is my acronym photo!

Let me start by explaining each part of my acronym. First, education. I normally …

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