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Who needs Wikipedia when you have a GIF?

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Submitted by: Emily Strong

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On January 18,2012 thousands of websites had a service blackout in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) being discussed in Congress. Matthew Inman, a cartoonist who runs the popular website The Oatmeal (, included in his blackout message a humorous animated gif explaining the implications of SOPA. The gif provided such a clear and illustrative explanation of the issue that many national news services featured it in their reporting on the service blackout.

For this assignment, create your own animated gif explaining a social or political issue (preferably in a humorous way, because aren't gifs always better when they're funny?). You can keep it simple - we aren't all professional cartoonists after all. You can view my own attempt at this assignment here:

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Who Needs Wikipedia When You Have A GIF?

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