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Word Cloud

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Submitted by: Ien

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Use a site like or similar to create a word cloud. Make your chosen text meaningful to you. Choose a font and color scheme that reflects the emotion behind your choice of words. Take a screenshot, and upload it to your blog.

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Word Cloud

For my second remix assignment, I created a word cloud and included some words in French as well. I used text from my own Facebook site and a french paper that I had to write as well. I played around with the color a little bit and ended up …

Clouded Words


I made this word cloud based on the first words that came to mind about the new agency I’ve joined, House of Noir Getaways. As I’ve stated previously, we specialize in quick, mysterious getaways. This was relatively simple to make. I used the website to create the word …

Edie’s Cloud

In this visual assignment (1 star) I created a word cloud with words about my character Eden. I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could make the cloud seem noir and relate to her life.

In order to make it, i used this website, which …

Word Cloud

Week 1 Assignment: Head in the Wordcloud!

I am so glad that Ien submitted this Visual Assignment to create a Wordcloud! I remember the first time I ever created one; I believe it was in 6th grade computer class, basically eons ago at this point (*pardon me as I indulge in a brief moment of nostalgia)

All kinds of courage

When I think of Bunny Colvin, I don’t really picture an artistic person. It’s challenging to think of assignments that relate to his role on The Wire. But a certain scene from Season 4 episode 11 inspired me.

Word clouds seem to be a pretty big thing today. And so …

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial: Word Cloud

Behold! A completed Word Cloud assignment made using Puck’s Epilogue from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

But Mimi how did you make it?

Gather around and let me teach you all my ways.

1. For starters,  I searched around for word cloud generators. The one listed on the assignment page …