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Your Character’s Past

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Submitted by: Scott Clower

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If you've been a part of DS106 for at least a few weeks, you've probably already thought of and created a host character that you will be following around for the remainder of the semester. There are already a lot of assignemnts that deal with your character, but for this assignment, you need to explain how your character grew up, and what made them the way they are today. Did they have a happy or sad childhood? What decisions in life led them up to the point they are at now? Just give us some more detailed background on your character, and make it be worth at least 3 stars.

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Submissions So Far

Meeting Evelyn Sparrow

Evelyn Sparrow was just a girl that grew up being defined by her last name, her parents’ name. They had been well known in the small town she was taken to at 15 years old. It was just a town over from where she was born, but they all knew. …

Who is Charlee Faraday?

Charlee Faraday is a combination of the Lone Wolf and the Neutral Character. She prefers spending time alone, finding her time is most productive and beneficial that way. She also is okay going with whatever situation is given to her, as long as she has a direction she plans on …

All About Me

*My character is going off the archetype “Midwife: survivalist, feminist, quick-witted, perceptive”.

My name is Felicity Simone Cixous Jones. A mouthful, huh? You can just call me Flick, that’s what my friends call me. My mom had the grand idea of giving me names after feminists icons, but instead of …

Character’s Past: Joan Williams

Joan Williams was born April 15, 1995 in Harrisonburg, VA. She grew up on her family’s farm. So once she was old enough to help out on the farm she would get up at 4AM milk the cows, clean the chicken coops and clean the horses cages. She did all …

Introducing… Dr. Annalise Huddleston

Annalise Huddleston was born on June 11th, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. She grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. Her mom and dad always had their hands full, that’s for sure. She loved dolls and all the toys you would think all little girls love. She had …

Story Behind Marcus Hodges…

My character’s name is Marcus Hodges, and has a history for not following directions and creating his own rules at almost any cost. He was always the smartest one in every school he attended, so he became bored with the standard way things took place. He had a knack for …

Heed the Call: What Led Me Here

I, Neo-Rev, found myself…no…formed myself about 10 years ago. I haven’t always been Neo-Rev, but circumstances led me to my current calling.

After spending my early years in lands up north I sought my new carvanserary in Virginia. It wasn’t long before I found myself under the tutelage of the …

Winifred Hart

With a name like Winifred Hart, she was destined to be peaceful. Winifred means “blessed peace,” and Hart is obvious. Her parents imagined a world with no poverty, discrimination, or hunger, and Winifred grew up with the same mindset. Since her first day of kindergarten, she has been giving countless …

The Final Heist – Part 1 – Writing Assignment

If you knew her past, you’d know that this has always been her goal. She enjoyed what she did, but she knew it couldn’t be sustained. Rose was ready. She had assembled her team and had done the research. That’s more than what you can say for any of …

Writing Assignment – Your Character’s Past

Rose Oakley

Rose was an orphan. She never knew her family or their fate. She never cared to learn of them. She figured if they couldn’t be there for her then, they couldn’t be available to her any other part of her life. The orphanage was tough. It made her …

Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

I chose to complete the assignment on my character’s childhood.

I decided to do this assignment after I found, ironically, another Kelsey’s, from our class, character. Her character is a horse. It instantly made me think of pets and how influential pets can be on a child’s life. In result, …

We’ve Got Some Beef up in Here

The History of Andy and Dr.Wisdom

Assignment: Your Character’s Past 3.5 Stars

Assignment Description: “If you’ve been a part of DS106 for at least a few weeks, you’ve probably already thought of and created a host character that you will be following around for the remainder of the semester. There …

Donnie Rejj: Locked and Found

-Locked and Found-

“Commander Washburn, Triton signature detected in the Aries system calling all clear for material assimilation.”

Commander Adrian Washburn expected the Triton asset to acquire the mining station in a day or two not a mere eight hours. What kind of man was this? Was he even a …

Donnie Rejj: Humanity Lost

-Humanity Lost-

Colonel Daemon Fitz stood on the command deck of the INF Nautilus upright as if he were a permanent fixture upon the vessel that was commissioned to his command. His left hand was affixed behind the small of his back while he held a cup of mess hall …

Donnie Rejj: Mining Station Job

-Finishing the Mining Station-

Rejj walked briskly down the stations main corridor heading towards the generator deck. He knew the layout plans of the station but not the hidden nooks and crannies that most likely existed behind loose panels or bulkheads.

He wondered if Danny was a fighter or if …

The Past

This week we have to do 10 stars worth of assignments not only dealing with our character, but another person’s character as well. I have to say, if I had known we were going to be using our characters so heavily this semester, I would have spent a couple days …

Little Agnus

Agnus was born and raised in Tombstone, Arizona. Her mother didn’t work much growing up, she just kind of helped around town and her father was the most popular cowboy in town. He was like the head honcho of Tombstone. She grew up playing in the mud and being tackled …

A Southern Key

I’ve never seen bluer skies than when I went south to Virginia. As soon as I stepped off the train into that hot summer evening, I saw a matted jewel surrounding this earth, glorious and bright, just short of glimmering. Even as we entered the car and even our hotel, …

What makes a man to be an undertaker.

Nobody can imagine what makes a man to be an undertaker.
Nobody is very happy when talking to an undertaker. So the story of my life is not known to anybody in the ds106 village.
Today is a quiet and peaceful day. All cowboys and outlaws are out of town …

Edward’s Past

Assignment (3 stars)

This was one of my original assignments, and is one of the assignments that I plan to incorporate into my final project. For this assignment, I had to provide a more detailed look at my character’s past.

Edward Creeper was born on the 13th of October, in …

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