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Youtube it Your Way!

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For this assignment go on Youtube and pick either your favorite video or a totally random one. Alter the web page so that it in no way goes along with what the Youtube video is about. Have fun and be very creative! Remember you want to confuse your viewers!

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Submissions So Far

Agent Smith – Youtube Modification



Greetings…fellow agents. I modified this youtube video page to prank Captain America on thinking it’s magneto that will save him instead of iron man! Mwuhahaha. Eventually I got tired of editing all of the comments but I did quite a handful as well. Originally the video is about …

A Pro-Sauron Retelling of LOTR

I’ve really been enjoying fiddling with web pages, so I decided to take X-Ray Goggles to YouTube for this next assignment.  As a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, I decided to alter the video where Eowyn famously declares “I am no man” before stabbing the Witch King.  I changed …

Incredible Discovery Leads to New Theories About the past of Mankind (YouTube It Your Way Assignment)

This is the second of two required web assignments this week. This assignment is worth three stars, bringing my total for the week to seven stars. The assignment page is here, but I’ll include the instructions below as well.

For this assignment go on Youtube and pick either your …

Unit 8

Telling Stories Within the Web

Reading the description for storytelling on the web is daunting to say the least. Manipulating photos or audio is one thing, but actually digging into a web site and manipulating code (or somehow messing with the guts of the site) seems to me to be …

YouTube it Your Way

For my next web assignment, I chose to do Youtube it Your Way.

For this assignment, I used the X-Ray Goggles again to edit the coding on the page and change the title, description and Youtuber. I chose to use a pretty funny YouTube video of a girl dancing

Youtube it Your Way: “How to be Easily Arrested”

The Youtube video that I chose to “hack” for the Youtube it Your Way Web Assignment was a video of two German men performing the “invisible rope prank“.  This prank is popular among children, and is usually harmless fun.  Performing this prank can also be dangerous however, as …

SuperStar! When YouTube get’s hacked!

For this particular assignment I decided to choose a YouTube video that highlighted people who might be considered “not-so-talented” and make them into superstars, through a modified American Idol Video.

Youtubing it My Way, Or “Mary finally got a facebook”

We had to complete five-stars worth of assignments from the Web Design bank this week.  I had so much fun with the Hackasaurus tool that I chose to go with the assignment that required us to use it again!  I chose “Youtube it Your Way” for my first …


One of the assignments for this week was to do five stars, of our choice as usual. I decided to do the Youtube It Your Way Assignment, which involves picking a favorite video (for which I choose Bath Time!) but the kick is to alter the webpage so that …

Horse/Man spotted during Hurricane Sandy!

I was not sure what I wanted to do for the 4-star YouTube it Your Way web assignment but as I was going through videos on YouTube, I found that I had favorited this video of  a guy jogging while wearing a horsemask during Hurricane Sandy and decided to base …

Youtube It Your Way!(****)

Ever thought about what it would be like if birds were the superior race on Earth?

For the “Youtube It Your Way” assignment, where we had to pick out a youtube video and change some aspects to give it a totally new meaning, I chose a video of …

Youtube It Your Way! Assignment Idea # 2

Here is the link to the assignment: YoutubeItYourWay (Details about he assignment are on this page) Inspiration: For this assignment I was just simply inspired by the week when we learned how to use X-ray Goggles and learned all about Web Designing. I thought this would be a cool fun way for students to play …

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Tutorials So Far

Youtube It Your Way!

This was a silly quick assignment. The goal was to change something about the youtube video text in order to change what the video is likely about. I chose to point out something funny I saw happening in the front of the static image of the video, and kept with …

Youtube it Your Way! Tutorial

To begin this assignment first go on Youtube and choose the video page that you want to alter. Next go to this webpage and follow the directions on how to add and use X-ray Goggles on your computer. (This is the tool that will help you alter the webpage): X-Ray Goggles After completing this go …