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be your own best friend!

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Submitted by: Elizabeth Kondzella

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For this assignment, you are hereby FORBID from using editing software because I make the rules and i don't like editing software. :). So what you're gonna do is, using a smartphone (or normal camera I suppose), take a panorama photo, except moving whenever you get out of frame in order to make it look like you're in the same photo at least twice, but you get more points the more you can fit yourself in. Confused? Check out this link for better instructions! Make it interesting! are you and yourself friends? enemies? indifferent? Tell a story with a single panorama. And remember, No Editing! Check out my flickr for more examples! Best of luck mes amis!

(bc I don't know if those in text link worked, the tutorial: and my flickr:[email protected]/with/49503590601/)

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Save Me From Myself

Me attacking another me

If I ever met myself, I can’t imagine we’d get along terribly well. And I imagine we’d be laughing the whole time.

This panorama was a bit difficult because it kept clipping when I jumped on or off the chair. I tried it a few different …

Be your own bestie

This assignment was harder than it looked. In my head I was like oh this will surely be easy. I was dead wrong lol. I was either moving too fast or not fast enough so they phone cut off my photo and I was left will a partial panorama. It …

This was a fun little diversion!

I had a good chuckle reading the description for this assignment! Editing software is a little frustrating, but I know that it is part of the process of learning!
For this assignment, I was told not to use editing software and to take a panoramic picture instead with a cell …

3 Times the Fun

My final assignment for the week is the Be Your Own Best Friend Visual Assignment. This was a really fun assignment and I’m surprised more people haven’t done it yet.

Here is my final product for this assignment!

I had a lot of fun working on this. I used …

one of me just isn’t enough

yall. i made my own assignment.

My assignment? A three star, visual assignment that utilizes only a smartphone and ZERO editing software because I don’t like editing photos. So y’all have probably seen this around, but with the iphone (and probs other smartphone) cameras, you can take panoramas, right? …

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