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Cipher Typography Photo Images

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Using the concepts of typography and silhouetted images, create a set of two visuals using only letters of the alphabet in different letter sizes and colors. In cryptology, ciphers like "asdfghjk" can be decoded as messages like "password". Therefore, create two dual visuals of the same image - one with the cipher gibberish, and one with a decoded message! This can be done either as a digital image collage or using newspapers/other resources to form the visual photos. Additional improvisation is welcomed - underlay a photo under your cipher typographic images, etcetera!

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Did I make a typo?

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This assignment was fun; I got to use a new online-based tool, and I like using those because they are a bit more approachable for beginners.
The idea of this assignment was to find pictures online and upload them …

Dolphin Kindness

Dolphins are gentle and kind. The hidden message reminds us to be like dolphins.

Secret Messages in the Apocalypse

In the apocalypse, we have to communicate in code. It’s too dangerous to say everything we need to over the phone or text or anything like that because the government can see it and it will not end well by any means. That’s why I want to share two messages …

Cipher Typography Photo Images

Here are my two Cipher Typography photo images!

I want people to take time to figure out what they mean, so next week I will reveal how I edited these pictures! Take a guess below:


Before & after #ds106 #theend106

A post shared by Elaina (@gramming4theend) on Feb 11, …

Strawberry Yummm

I selected an image of strawberries not only for liking the fruit, but also for their vibrant colors. I uploaded the picture onto the typography generator and selected the type of font I wanted to use. After that, I scrupulously looked for any numbers or letters that I can easily …

Lessons in Spycraft: Encrypted Message

One of the first things I learned in Secret Agent School was how to send encrypted messages. For this mission, I incorporated a simple, encrypted message into a photograph. I used this typographic tool, and I spent about an hour tinkering with all of the different styles. You can …

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