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Countdown to Christmas

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Submitted by: Katie Barnes

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Get in the spirit!! Create a "Countdown to Christmas" Movie Style. Pick 25 of you FAVORITE Christmas movies and countdown to Christmas using the movies. Be creative  and have fun with it!! Try and think of as many Christmas movie as you can without any outside help, you will be surprised how many movies you can think of. 

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Submissions So Far

Christmas in March?

So for this assignment, I kind of went a bit… well a lot off script. My issue was if I would’ve followed the strict 25 movie clip part, my video probably would’ve been like an hour long. So instead, I just grabbed 3 clips from my favorite Christmas movies …

Countdown to Christmas

I hated this. Enjoy.…

25 Movies of Christmas

This assignment was a lot of work but also fun because Christmas is coming up and its almost the end of the semester. It was to create a video with my top 25 Christmas movies for 4 stars. I loved this idea and spent a lot of time finding movies …

Countdown to Christmas!!

Happy November! It’s Christmas!

It’s the perfect week to do the Countdown to Christmas assignment, where I had to pick 25 of my favorite Christmas movies!! After doing all of the other assignments this week, this one wasn’t hard, just time consuming!


This is the Countdown to Christmas assignment …

Countdown to Christmas

This assignment (4 stars) was a fun way to get into the Christmas Spirit! It required me to pick 25 Christmas movies and make a countdown using clips from these movies. Although it became harder and harder to think of more movies, I managed to pull together clips from 25 …

Christmas in March

The first assignment that I decided to do was called Countdown To Christmas worth 3 stars. I am the type of person who looks forward to Christmas time and never thinks it is too early to listen to Christmas music. This assignment just made me so happy because I was …

25 Days till Christmas

25 Days till Christmas is a video assignment that I created. I thought of the idea on Thanksgiving day while my family was decorating for Christmas and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. One of my favorite things about Christmas is watching the Countdown to Christmas on ABC Family.

For …

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25 Days of Christmas Tutorial

Tutorial for “25 Days till Christmas.” Step by Step.
Step 1. Decide what program you are going to use to create the video. If you have a Macbook I highly recommend using iMovie, it is very simple to use, and there is a lot you can do with it.

Stp …