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Creepy anime eye

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You know how those anime characters have oversized eyes? Like Alita: Battle Angel? Do you think they'd look just as creepy on other people? Let's find out! Take a photo of someone and use an image editor to give them big bug eyes. "All the better to see you with..."

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Creepy Eyed Ferris

In keeping with my theme for the week – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I decided to make an adjustment to movie poster. I followed the assignment details from the “Creepy Anime Eye” under the Visual Assignments in the DS 106 Assignment Bank.

While this assignment was easy and didn’t …

Did I do thatttt?!

Oh yes, anime characters with big bug eyes can be creepy. Because it’s not proportional at all on the characters. And it would be even creepier on human beings as you can see with Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow. Look how creepy this is! For the 80s theme culture, I …

Let’s Get Creepy, Big Time

With the ever growing acceptance of “nerd” culture, some things become more mainstream and known, like for instance anime. In another rendition of visual assignments I was given the task of bring the classic anime style big eyes to a photo of a not-so-anime person. In keeping with the 80’s …

Making Bug Eyes

I saw this assignment originally two weeks ago, but I decided to wait for a better moment to do this assignment. The moment to do this activity has arrived. As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought of Snapchat. I used to edit people off the social media app …

80s Battle Angels?

Good evening everyone! Get ready for a weird visual assignment I completed today.

My task was to edit some weird eyes on people akin to anime characters or Alita: Battle Angel…Although I got a little crazy with the photo editor. Assignment link located HERE

I’m not very experienced with photo …

Creepy anime eye

by Cris Shapan

This morning a saw a new creation from one of my favorite contemporary artists, Cris Shapan. This is in response to advertising for an upcoming film, Alita: Battle Angel, which dares to venture into an uncanny valley. What I really like about Shapan’s work is the attention …

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