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Emoji This

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From these emojis, take a picture of different people replicating at least 4 emojis. After taking the pictures, place them in a collage, photo line, or what have you (make it creative!) and make your own caption about the person and the emotion their face is showing. For example, if you chose the smiling face, a caption could be “TGIF!!!!!!”

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Emoji This


*I had a lot of fun with this project, I asked four friends to pick their favorite emoji and imitate the face. Then put into a quote what they think “their” emoji would say. They enjoyed this project as well. I thought it was a great way for you …

Emoji these..


The name of this assignment was Emoji these. It it worth 3 1/2 Stars. I had to find pic of people who performed something similiar to theVisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1431 and put a funny caption.…

Emoji This

My kids and I had fun with this one.  Emoji This in their perspective.


Emojis IRL


My friends and I were just sitting around when I came across the emoji assignment and I thought, why not?…

Emoji This

The first assignment I chose to do was Emoji This. I took 5 common emoji faces and then took pictures of Daniels expressing those emotions.

Simply using paint, I copied pictures from Google and then used “different” facial expressions of Daniels.

First we have Daniels’ serious face. He’s pretty …

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Emoji Tutorial

I chose to make a tutorial on the assignment called Emoji This worth three stars. The assignment required you to make a collage of different people making different emoji faces and to help me create my project I found a website called BeFunky that helps you create collages.

1.The first …