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Exercise and Socialize

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Submitted by: Jeremy Hillberry

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Neighborhood walks used to be a good form of exercise and a good way to meet your neighbors. Nowadays, exercise is at the gym and socializing is online. Record a video of yourself taking a neighborhood walk and play a song in the backgorund of the video that your neighbors would enjoy. Get out there, exercise and socialize!

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I Hope I Don’t Crash.

So I decided to put my own spin on this assignment, as I wanted to get outside. I have been working on biking more, even though this semester has been challenging, and it always helps me feel better afterward.

So the idea for the assignment was to film myself …

“Happy” Exercising and (not) Socializing by the River

For this VideoAssignments1537, “Exercise and Socialize” we’re supposed to record a video of ourselves, taking a neighborhood walk and play a song in the background that the neighbors would enjoy. Not being sure if I can record a video while playing music on the same iPhone (and knowing that as …

Exercise and Socialize

What a fun assignment this was!! An amazing time to go outdoors and wave to our neighbors during a time where we are in such isolation. This assignment tasked us to go outdoors and take a walk down our street and make a video out of it. I used my …

A Walk Through a Different World

Howdy! This is Sterling, back with another week of content. This assignment began as one and kind of turned into another. My original intent was to do a modified form of “Exercise And Socialize” by Jeremy Hillberry, which has the following description: “Neighborhood walks used to be a good form …

Exercise and Socialize

My next video assignment was worth 2 and a half stars. I was a little on the fence about doing this assignment, but since the barn is like my home away from home, all my fellow riders in the video and not shown are just like my neighbors in a …

Neighborhood Walk with ChiChi

For this assignment, we had to walk around our neighborhood and record it. We then had to add music over the video.

I usually go on a walk once a day, so I found this assignment fitting for my daily life.

To complete the assignment, I grabbed my dog, …

Walking it Out


This video is to fulfill video assignment #1537 entitled “Exercise and Socialize.” The requirement is to film a personal video of a stroll around the neighborhood.  It is worth two and a half stars.

This video was created with with iMovie application on the Apple iPhone.  A video of …

Exercise and Socialize

I did this assignment because I noticed it as I was getting ready to take my daily walk down my driveway to get my mail. I had enough to complete the 12 stars needed but I also decided that I would go ahead and do this one too. So I …

I Used to Want to be a Filmmaker

This week’s video assignment fell on the same week I needed to travel for work to San Francisco and attend a conference on Responsive Classrooms. It’s a five day conference, with nine co-workers. Here, let me make an illustration:

I really wanted to be that person who was on top …

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I completed the two and a half star assignment Exercise and Socialize.

I walk my dog daily in the neighborhood, so choosing this assignment made sense. Using my iPhone and a friend, I recorded myself walking through my neighborhood:

To complete this video I chose the Mr. Roger’s neighborhood …

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