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GIFmas Card

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Submitted by: Ben Rimes

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Christmas, Hanukkah, and other Holiday Cards are so old school. It's time for you to send a GIFmas card to everyone on your list! But first you have to make one. Create a GIFmas card featuring each of your immediate family members, and then share the love.

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Submissions So Far

One good GIF deserves another!

Okay so some of you are probably marking down the days until Halloween; but I used my design time to get a jump on Christmas!  Since I was able to make a stickman post-it note GIF without too much trouble I found another GIF assignment to do.  I made the …

I GIFly GIFfed a GIFfy 2012 GIF!

Sure, the Oxford American Dictionary made the verb “to GIF” a word of the year, but they fell short– it should be noun, adjective, adverb, maybe even present past participle of the year, too. Yes, it’s the peak of ds106 GIFfest. And I did not even get close to sending out real holiday cards this year. So here is my GIFfy GIF greeting I GIFfed as a way to reflect on the travels an connections in 2012. This monster GIF includes 100 photos I chose from my flickr stream, with special people and places from 2012 (and if somewhere I likely left you put, sorry!). And I count this for the ds106 GIffest GIFMas Card. It actually works great as a repeating recycling of 2012. In perpetuity. I managed to just about cover North America with people and places I got to see this year, and even this is just …

The Eight Nights of GIFannukah

My menorah is put away, but it seems such a nice symbol to GIF, maybe have to slip it in under Ben Rimes’ GIFmas Card assignment (the first rule of ds106 I tell my students is to change up and break the rules of an assignment, if it makes for good art). Do you need the whole story? I would think the Macabees would dig some GIF miracles. This started with mp photo from night 7 (I forgot to get one on the last night) cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog But that’s no problem, I was able to magic brush in a copy of one of the middle candles to fill the gap. i also managed to lose two flames by… well I think I forgot to paste. So I copied an isolated flame, and flipped it horizontal to make it looks little different This …

Never Gonna GIF You UP

Never gonna let you down…
In a series of events that can only be described as a Rick Roll gone horribly wrong, my 13 year old is obsessed with Rick Astley. Which must be some kind of ultimate Rick Roll, I’m sure.
For Christmas, she has requested an animated GIF…

Merry GIFmas to All!

I wanted to take a moment this evening from all of the animated GIF creations to send warm wishes and good tidings to all of those wonderful people in my life that support me, challenge me, and help me make it through each and every day. From my fantastic co-workers…

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