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Going Halfsies

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Submitted by: Arielle Ouellette

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To show the difference between the original song and a cover of a song, make a mix where the first half of the song is the original and the second half of the song is the covered version. See if you can find a drastically different cover to a song and post it! I did a mash up between "The Want - Glad you came" and "We came as Romans - Glad you came"

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Like a Prayer Mashup

Click here for the original assignment!

For this assignment I decided to put “Like A prayer” by Madonna with a cover I found on Youtube. I used Audacity to record both the song and the cover. I picked this song because it fits well with my part of “Around …

Half and Half: Revised

So for revising assignments for this week I chose to go back to one assignment that I did not use Audacity for before, and use Audacity now.

Half and Half

I’m much more comfortable with Audacity now that we’ve completed the Radio Show. My group and I have lots of …

Half and Half

For this audio assignment called “going halfsies” was really fun to do considering I immediately knew what song I wanted to do which also went with our 80’s theme!

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew is a pretty popular 80’s song with many covers of it …

Mix Mashing-Can you tell the difference?

For this assignment, I had to combine a song and its cover into one seamless song-and try to see if the audience can tell the difference. It sounded interesting to me, so I thought hey, why not. I chose the song “The Writing’s On the Wall” by Sam Smith, because …

Guile’s Theme Mash Up

For the last star in my Audio Assignments I decided to complete Going Halfsies. I used Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter 2 as my song of choice. The first half of my mash up is the original song while the second half is Smooth McGroove’s acapella version. The …

Kids Can be All Stars Too


I tried uploading this on SoundCloud however it did not like that I used All-Star but this mix was simply putting a cover a song that was wildly different than the original. The song changes around the whistling part of AllStar…

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