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Write a Haiku about a movie you have watched for this class

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Haiku About The Breakfast Club

For this assignment we had to come up with a haiku about a movie we’ve watched for this class. I chose to write one about The Breakfast Club because it’s a great representation of the 80s. Plus it’s one of my favorite movies.

Five kids in trouble

Detention on Saturday …

The Breakfast Club… Haiku

The assignment goal was to write a haiku for a movie seen for this class. I chose to continue on the theme for this assignment too. I chose the movie The Breakfast Club because it is a defining movie for the 80s. Here goes…

Five high school students.

All Saturday …

A Simple 80’s Haiku

This assignment is a writing assignment under the Assignment bank; you can find the instructions here, https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/haiku-2/

Movie Haiku: Save Ferris:

Created by Hughes

Ferris likes to skip some school

Save Ferris Bueller

I haven’t written a Haiku in a long time. I work with middle school students who are …

Eleven, the name

With the goal of writing a haiku about a movie I have seen for class, I chose the show Stranger Things. Although it is not technically a movie or something I watched for this class, it is something I had to think and write about for this class. It …

Heathers Haiku

Here is a quick thematic one star assignment. Another one of my favorite 80s movies is Heathers, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The movie has since been turned into a musical! A quick synopsis before the haiku…

The dark comedy centers around Veronica, a popular girl in high school …

But it’s not even shark week

Writing Assignment & Assignment bank #2

Can you guess one of my favorite movies I am describing using an Haiku? (should be annoyingly obvious)

Swimmer gets eaten

“Gonna need a bigger boat”

Man, I love Shark Week!…

Welcome to the Jungle

Can you guess what movie I am describing in my Haiku? (It’s one of my all time favorites…the original at least)

Into the Jungle

A game turns reality

Win and you return …


Yay! Another Haiku, but this time about a movie!

Animal Forest

Ai arrives in town

Town people find ufo

Ai wins best decor…

Spirited Away Haiku

Lost in Spirit World

Chihiro works in bathhouse

To save her parents

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