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Harness Relationships: Make a Map with Kumu

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Submitted by: Stephen Rechter

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Use the online organizational tool, Kumu, to create a web map of relationships. This can be anything: contacts, movies, your Ds106 assignments. Kumu offers a stellar way of organizing information and honing in on relationships between information. Maybe try converting a paper from another class into a Kumu map. Int his way, using Kume forces you to further explore the relationships between sources and source material.

I'm giving this three stars because the difficulty really depends on the scope of the project. Kumu can do big things. In my Adaptation class from a few semesters back, our class slowly compliled a massive list of interconnecting film, novel, comic book, etc. adaptations. We called each new entry a "textual vector." Check out the massive web of adaptations here: https://www.kumu.io/zachwhalen/vectors

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Submissions So Far

Map of Grey’s Anatomy


For this assignment, I chose to map out the major characters of the famous Grey’s Anatomy. I decided to connect the characters based on blood relatives, spouses, children, lovers and friends. I started by entering each character at a time and connecting them as I went along. This was …

Harness Relationships

3 Stars

For this assignment, I had to use the Kumu organizational tool to make a relationship web. I decided to make a web based on my family tree. I made myself the main connector and then branched the web to have my mother’s family on one side and my …

A Tangled Web

For my first novel assignment, I did the Harness Relationships assignment for 5 stars. In this assignment, you are asked to use the website Kumu to create a web that connects settings, people and events from your chosen novel. The novel I did, Sea of Rust, has a motley crew …

Political Stances via Kumu


   For this week’s web assignments, I decided to play around with Kumu, a online app used to create diagrams and designs. When using Kumu, I quickly learned that the tool was indeed powerful, although I learned that mostly through breaking things rather than creating them. I then decided …

kumu konnection


For this map, you’re looking at the many connections within artists not even necessarily connected by genre. Many of these artists overlap in the music they create and have made connections over time by maturing as artists, learning different and unique styles. I have a strong obsession with …

My Bat Symbol is A Dandelion


When was the last time you looked through your phone’s contact list? I mean really LOOKED. Not scrolled. Not perused for through for names saved next to eggplant, peach, and heart emojis, but really looked. Stopped. Thought about the connection you have with that person; why that person is …

Mapping James Bond

For my first ever assignment bank assignment I decided to tackle the Harness Relationships: Make a Map with Kumu. I had never used Kumu before but I had seen people use it before and was curious to check it out. Seeing it in the assignment bank I was excited …

Harness Relationships: Make A Map With Kumu

For this assignment I decided to map my family. Unfortunately there are 180 in my family so I went with the next best, The Stark family. You might recognize this dysfunctional family from the hit TV show Game of Thrones.


Web Weaving

I completed the four star assignment Harness Relationships: Make a Map with Kumu

The assignment asks us to organize information into a web map. I chose to organize the lifecycle of rocks into a web map.

In this assignment I organized existing information about the relationship between rocks and …

Mapping Stories

This assignment asked that  you take some story or situation and create a map for everyone involved. I decided to take this opportunity to map out a book that I had to read for my American Realism class called The Marrow of Tradition. It’s a really good book, and …

Relationship Map

For this assignment, I had to create a relationship map of whatever I wanted. I chose to do my family and friends. I created different sections for myself and my friends. I created the UMW and Roomies loop to show the connection between my friends and I. I played …

A Web of Future Fun and Frustration!

After watching the screen cast this week, I realized I need to put more thought into my theme.  As I have previously mentioned in my reflection, I probably should have picked a different theme.  I am having a difficult time “exploring Denver” as I work two jobs and I do …

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Tutorials So Far

Kumu Tutorial

Whatever project you decide to make using Kumu, there are a number of basic functions that are important to understand. Kumu is a fairly intuitive program. It comes pretty naturally once you get things moving.

The first thing to do, of course, is to make an account on Kumu. This …